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located in Norr, a part of The Gift: Chapter Two, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Laeral, Jurial Plains

The town was a nice place. Well, it looked nice. Marching all day here meant that even a pile of ragged clothes looked pretty good to sleep on. Earth people focused on their arms, not legs. The marching, for Kisikoni Ayalen was worse than anything else they put him through. So used to his arms doing most of the moving, his legs tired easily and required long hours of training to work them up to suitable standards. The woman that lead him and the other recruits here stopped. It was hard to believe she was a woman, especially since deep humans were shorter than most. Many females he encountered, from whatever race, always stood at least an inch over his head. Halflings were different, and it made Kisikoni feel like the giant. He smiled at that thought, but the woman herself had a set of lungs indirectly related to her height.

"Line up scrubs! Time ta' meet the man who'll be bossing you around for the next three-hundred and sixty-five days of your life. For those of you who missed it the first time, I'm Sid." She said with a smirk

He snapped to attention, listening to the new man, a brightly dressed young human male step up. "Good evening. I am Captain Liu-Wen, and that," he said while pointing as Sid, "Is first-sargeant Grimsmirk. We lead the fourtieth legion within the Legion of Ashes. We shall be addressed as such until given permission to do otherwise. You will speak only when addressed directly. From this day forward, your lives are no longer your own. They belong to Norr. To the Paragon." Wrath smoothed out the paper he had been given and began at the front of the line. "As I announce your squad assignment, you may proceed to enter the town of Laeral. You are required to report to the Boulon Brother's Inn by midnight." The man said gruffly.

Liu-Wen? That name struck a chord in his mind. However, now was not the time for such trifles. He continued to listen until he was assigned to the halfling's squad. Deep in the caves, everyone depended on everyone else for survival- no gender barriers existed, but taking orders from a woman nearly two feet shorter than himself was rather unnerving. He noted early on that she too carried a crossbow, though not as large and clunky as his was. He saluted to the halfling vice-captain and made for the town like most of the others. He had been separated from his own five-man squad earlier to be signed up for the lacking 40th Legion. He briefly wondered how they were doing before disappearing into the city lights.

The shops provided little joy for Kisikoni and his meager funds. Outside of maintaining his equipment and purchasing supplies, it left very little money for the Deep Human to spend. He ended up not buying anything. He merely wandered through the alleys, and found himself spending the most time gambling with fake money along with some older men. The older men would be spinning a top, and based on the symbol one would groan in mock frustration and the other would giggling like his birthday had come early. Trying his hand at it, Kisikoni eventually left the table with a single sweet. A considerable reward, as he was a novice gambler himself.

Before long, he grew tired of walking, and entered the Boulon Brother's Inn quite earlier than he had anticipated. He ordered himself filling meal, as he was going to need the energy to march ten miles and expect to be fighting from there. He paid with some of his own money, because the Paragon's budget was stretched just as thin as their soldiers. As the platter of food arrived, he quickly dug in. He noted sourly that his hands used to be his utensils, but now he was using a fork and knife. Slowly, his own traditions of old slipped from his grasp. It did not deter him, though, from filling his stomach.

The howling wind. Dark skies, screeching metal. Red flowers bloomed in the sky and on chests.

"Come and get some, boys!" cackled a distinctly feminine voice. A kiss. A crack.

Rivers of steel and red freely flowed. Blackened, sturdy, and a web of metal.