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located in Newhaven, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


City of Newhaven


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He heard the girl speak behind him, but seemed almost uninterested in what she had to say. His head was in the fight. He didn't even remember that there was an arrow sticking out of him and that his foot had also been cut. As Evin and Crystal continued to fight him, Allison talked. The one thing that was really on his mind while he fought was where Jake was. He knew that he had to be doing something at the time, but he wasn't sure what exactly he was looking for. Now that the girl was out of Jake's possession, he could no longer detect her pain. Jake couldn't last much longer anyways. The side effect, whatever it was, would get to him soon enough and then he would have to face the Shadow in a fair fight. The only problem was that he knew Jake would try something before his powers wore off. It was just a matter of time. Another thing he had to worry about was Theron. What was he doing just standing there? He knew that it wasn't good knowing his talents personally. He would worry about Theron later, but for now, he decided to satisfy himself with answering the question.
"I've been in power of Newhaven for a few years before I ordered the burning down of your town. That was before I knew what powers you have. I'm glad that your brother died instead of you." Everything coming out of his mouth was a lie. He had only killed the king and took his power a few years ago. He had actually kept the king alive for a while, but after the king had made a move to try to expose the Shadow, he had to kill him and take the King's place.
Evin was now only down to his hands since his dagger had been trusted out of his hand. All his other weapons were useless in close combat. The fight was slowly moving towards the ruble of the fallen statue though as the Shadow was beginning to get backed into a corner. The Shadow took something from out of one of his coat pockets. It was a round ball, a pouch of some sort. He grabbed another ball from his coat and then threw one of them on the ground. A black cloud of dust began to cover the area around them. When he threw the second one, it as well let out a plume of dust that made it almost impossible to breath. The entire room quickly began to fill with this dust. This room was now a bomb. Any spark could set it off and half of the castle would probably go with it. Nowhere in Newhaven would be safe from rubble that would come down. The Shadow continued to break open these deadly smoke bombs until he was entirely out. The only thing that anyone could see was the light from the windows. That is until a dark figure covered up one of the windows. The Shadow had broken through one of them and obviously dived out one of the windows. This wasn't good.
Evin didn't even take time to think of anyone else but the girl. He wasn't sure where any of the other assassin's were, but he knew that if he left the girl in there, she would die instantly. A sudden and familiar pain ripped through Evin's entire body. Time was slower than he had ever made it go before. The pain was almost unbearable for him and made it hard to concentrate. What he saw was most fascinating though. Time had slowed down so much that what was once a cloud of smoke was now millions of separate black and grey particles, suspended in the air. Things around him were more visible now too. He could see the shadow of someone who was also suspended motionless in the air, just about to jump out of the window. That was the last shadow he saw, so he knew everyone had made it out ok, that is except the girl, who was somewhere on the floor. Working on just memory alone, he found his way to the girl at speeds that probably made him nearly invisible to anyone who would have seen. He grabbed her and cradled her in his arms. She was so light from malnutrition. He could tell death was creeping towards this girl at an alarming rate now. Still using his powers, he found his way to the nearest window, and threw himself out of it, cutting his face on the glass and exposing the light.
Time went back to it's regular speed. Only a second after, he saw a flaming throwing knife graze past him. In the seconds it took for the knife to reach the room, thoughts wissed through Evin's mind about the fall. He was about 140 feet from the ground and his target to on the ground was a small mote only about 30 feet from one side to the other at the longest. He had to aim at the exact point and then streamline not only his body, and also the girl's, who was know unconscious and unable to do it by herself. Another problem would be the shock wave from the explosion that was about to come. It was very possible that the explosion could knock him off course and make him miss the mote. The final problem was avoiding falling debris during the rest of the battle.
The debris would be one thing that Crystal wouldn't be able to anticipate coming before it happens. This fight was being taken to a high degree of difficulty.
The next thing Evin felt was a small cracking noise followed by silence. About half a second after that was the bang. Evin's ears could have bled from the noise that was made from the sound of the explosion. He didn't dare look back at what had happened though. He knew that he wouldn't be able to stand looking at the image behind him. He didn't want to know how many lives were taken and the best way to avoid that was to avoid looking at the initial explosion.
Next thing to come, like Evin had predicted, was the brick wall of the shock wave. Evin was right, it did throw him way off course. He directed his body towards the water again, but by then it was too late to streamline his body perfectly before he hit the water. He instead spun himself around so he was falling back first into the water to protect the girl. He then used all the mussel he could to try to straiten his body, but it was too late. His body was strait, but he fell into the water at a slight angle. His back instantly burned as it slapped against the water. The only thing that saved his life was the fact that the angle at which his body fell into the water was close enough that he basically pencil dived into the water. only his shoulder blades really hit the water hard.
Next part of survival was the hardest, they were now fighting a battle while avoiding large parts of the castle that were now falling across the setting red sky of Newhaven.