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located in Newhaven, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


City of Newhaven


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Allison didn't really care much for the answer to her question. She knew at the first word that he was lying. She had her reasons for asking it though, and to those purposes it had been helpful. Plus she needed to give enough time for her senses to adjust as she talked. She was stupid not to that before coming down, as she had acted on an impulse once again. If she happen to survive this Crys would most certainly scold her for that.

The moment the first wave of smoke went off, it filled her lungs, making her cough. She knew what that was, she'd seen something like it before, although she couldn't place it. Her first instinct was to go back for her bow, no matter how stupid that might seem. She didn't really get the chance to make that mistake, as she felt someone grab her by the arm and drag her to one of the windows. She heard Jake's voice in her ear as he released her. "Drop down, don't jump." As she dropped down from the window she realized he hadn't followed her. It was too late to think about him though... She was halfway down what would be a very painful drop into the courtyard. Not for her though. She might have hurt herself, but she didn't even mind. She'd deal with the consequences later. Now she had to move.

She didn't make it far from the wall of the castle before the sound of the blast reached her ears, bringing her down to her knees. The enhanced sound of the explosion almost caused her to faint, gladly she managed to pick herself up in time to tackle Crys away from a piece of falling rubble. When they both got back on their feet Ali noticed that Crys had one of her own daggers going straight through her hand. "Damn, Crys..." She mumbled when Crys simply pulled the Sai out of her hand with a groan. "Where is everyone?"

Ali stared at her slightly worried by the fact she couldn't sense the others. Then she realized that the level of commotion the explosion had caused would have affected her. She pulled Crys with her when she heard something else falling their way, she didn't even bother to see what it was. She was looking around for Jake, wondering if he was still invisible, or if he even had made it out.
She was startled when she felt Crys grab her arm, not ever had she seen her this disoriented. "Are you alright Crys?"
Crys sighed slightly. "No. I'm not." She answered, shaking her head, a slightly painful expression crossing her face. "Don't worry, I'll be alright. We have to get this over with, fast. The explosion wiped half of the castle and everyone in it." She winced for a moment, then continued. "Half the army will be wanting our heads in a few minutes, not to mention the Knights. We can't go up against that on our own."


Dani Rivers stared into the wave of smoke the filled the sky at a distance, coming from the city of Newhaven. Hell had broken loose in that city somehow. Damn... That was not the plan. She let out a heavy sigh, and then spoke to the person standing next to her. "I thought you left already."
Lena let out a small chuckle. "Oh, but I have. Unfortunately I had a not very pleasant encounter with a Knight from Newhaven, who attempted to politely tell me that the roads are blocked until further notice." A slight hint of comtempt crossed her tone of voice as she added. "It is very unsafe to be heading this way, madam. That is what he said, griping the hilt of his sword as if that could intimidate me. Hadn't I taken an oath to do no harm I would have slit the idiot's throat right there."
Dani laughed at that statement. "Oh, how I wish you would say that in front of your clan."
Lena smirked. "Careful with what you wish for Dani... The day may come when that happens."

After a moment of silence Lena looked at Dani half intrigued. "Did you send them any help?"
Dani sighed. "We are oficially raiding the city right now. We will keep the Knights from reaching the castle, and hope that they get this over with before it's too late."
Lena nodded. "The consequences of that would be..."
"They will be" Dani sighed. "However it is inevitable. We'll deal with them as they come."
Lena laughed. "Bastian was right when he said you are insane. You are openly attacking one of the cities... What ever happened to not getting involved?"
Dani nodded, with a half smile. "That ended when they put that bounty on our heads. That if we can honestly say it ever even existed. Hadn't we spend the last decades keeping the two cities alive the winning side would obviously turn on us. I mean... Come on, Lena. You and I both know what this is actually about. There will come a day when this war will reach the ruins. What will you do then?"
Lena sighed softly before answering. "If that day comes there will be nothing left to do."


"For the last time Crystal: Tell me what actually happened!" Dani's voice was frightenly severe as she questioned her daughter.
"I can't do that. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry." Crys' voice sounded weak and apologetic in a way Jake had never seen before. It shocked him that after all, she was, in that moment, nothing but a child being scolded for some reckless and inconsiderate act. That is what it was after all.

When she came over to his house to tell him of her mother's decision she knew he had already heard it. She pretended not to. They had both been pretending from the moment they got home. She sat in front of him and let out a long heavy sigh before she finally broke the silence. "It's not too late to tell them, Jake."
Jake looked at her an sighed. "What good would that do Crys? Just do what you have to do. Get it over with."
She simply nodded. "This is wrong. It was all my fault... You shouldn't be punished for it."

Jake sighed, running a hand through his hair nervously before he stood up from the spot he had been seated on his bed. "I will walk through that door right now and commit every imaginable type of treason if that makes it any easier on you. Then you won't have to lie... Sounds better? Because you must know that there is no 'doing the right thing' here anymore. That ship has sailed a long time ago."

Crystal got on her feet as well, she nodded quietly for a moment or two before she took a deep breath and sopke. "Jacob Turner. You are, from this moment on, expelled from this clan and therefore forbidden to maintain contact with any of our members or step foot in our territory, including that of the Inn of the city of Newhaven and of the city of Blackpond. You must surrender your ring, gather your belongings and leave within the hour. A guard will posted at your door and he will escort you out."

Jake had been expecting those words... Expecting them didn't make it any less painful. He removed his ring and slipped it into her hand. "Thank you." He said.
Famous last words...

"Jacob, do you understand what I'm saying?" Lena asked in a serious tone.
"I do. I just don't understand what you want me to do with that information." Jake answered in an intrigued tone.
"Think it over, boy. If he needs to stab you people with the dagger alive, and he needs all the powers to access what is contained in there... Then what?" She asked.
"You can't be seriously suggesting that... That one of us... That's crazy." Jake stated.
"Maybe, but... Just imagine what this person is capable of now, then add all that power to him. Tell me if death is not a price you would be willing to pay to stop that. Honestly?"
"There's no guarantee that I'm the only one with these abilities in Valcrest. It could be a useless sacrifice." Jake argued.
Lena nodded, with a slight smiled. "Indeed, it could."

Some people say that when you are moments away from death you are able to see your whole life flash before your eyes. Jacob Turner's life would be ending shortly, and all he could think to himself was that this was better be worth it.

The moment Jake caught a glimpse of the smoke bomb the Shadow pulled out he made sure to help both Ali and Gloria out, as well as retrieve Ali's bow, before he jumped out. Of course, the time he took to do these things took its toll on him, and after barely escaping a piece of the wall that had come down on him... Jake had made a decision. It was a dangerous one, but as once he had been told: Sometimes sacrifices must be made.
Hidden by his own ability and the stone wall that had crumbled to the ground, he pulled something from the inside of his cape: A black pouch. From the inside he pulled a dark needle.

He took it carefully and pressed the tip against the skin of his forearm. After a couple of deep breaths he broke through the skin into a vein, shivering as the poison invaded his body. This particular poison was rare. It was meant to be slow, painless, and almost impossible to cure. There was one, not very known, antidote for it. An antidote Jake didn't have on his person. He wasn't suicidal, there was a small posibility that he could survive, but that would depend on how quickly they could end this fight. It probably wouldn't happen. After a few minutes he got on his feet, still invisible, and located Ali and Crys.


The blast had left Crys extremely disoriented. She had hurt herself while falling, her ears were ringing, and the ground was shaking beneath her feet, which made it hard for her to pick up on things moving towards her. The debris still dropping from the wrecked castle were causing Ali to push and pull her around constantly, to which she was grateful, but it was completely unpleasant. It didn't really help her situation. Her head was aching and she had no idea how or at what moment she had escaped the inside of the exploding room. Her hand was bleeding, but she could barely feel the pain anymore. Her mind was racing a little and she tried as hard as she could to force herself to calm down and focus in order to get a clear picture in her mind of what their situation really was.

All of a sudden she felt a hand rest on her shoulder. It was Jake. "Hey. I can't see the others anywehere."
She nodded slightly. "Don't count on me anytime soon Jake. I know Evin made it out with the girl. I'm sure Theron's fine. A little explosion wouldn't kill that guy." She sighed. "I really can't sense anyone, so I'm speculating here." She felt something graze the side of her face, an arrow. "What was that?"
Jake answered with a serious tone in his voice. "The castle guard."