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located in Newhaven, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


City of Newhaven


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The sun was beginning, but it quickly became darker from the smoke that was now covering the sky. The smoke was so heavy that it blocked out most of the suns light. The situation was just as good as it would have been if the sun had already set. The only thing that kept the place from being completely dark were the signal lights that were being set off to let the guards all across Newhaven know to be on full alert. This raised a whole lot more problems though. No one would be able to get in or out of the city without being killed on the spot. All the guards and soldiers would be out on high alert making sure everything gets solved. What scared Evin more than that though were the White Knights of Newhaven. Only five of them are appointed and they are the leaders of all the armies that followed strict codes of conduct. The Black Knights were even worse. Just as skilled as the White Knights, but they don't exactly have any code to follow. If it weren't for the Leader of the White Knights keeping them in line, they would murder thousands of inocents just to kill one guilty. This fight had to end, and it had to end soon.
Evin had no idea where anyone was, for all he knew, some of them were still in the room when the explosion went off. He hoped this wasn't the truth though he couldn't know for certain. It was dark and cold in the moat and he could barly tell which way was up and which was down. The only thing that guided him was the light from the beacons that were now being set off. He slowly made his way to the surface with the girl. When he made it up, he noticed that a large group of soldiers were running into the courtyard of the castle. Debris was falling all around them. Some guards and soldiers were unfortunate enough to be caught by it. Luckily nothing had fallen around Evin, yet. When all the soldiers ran past, he swam his way to shore. He hid the girl under a piece of debris that had fallen. He couldn't watch over her forever and he was sure that under some fallen debris would probably be the safest place for her. The breeze was very chilly and his muscles began to tighten up from it. Evin had to take off as much of his clothes as possible if he wanted to be able to fight the soldiers let alone the Shadow. When he was down to just his undergarments and his utility belt, he began to run past the moat to the courtyard where he heard a bit of yelling and metal on metal sounds. He was sure that if he found anyone alive, he would find them there. Before he could make it there he herd a voice.
"Where do you think you're going Evin?"
The Shadow jumped down from the castle wall just above Evin. He landed about ten feet in front of him. Before the Shadow could say anything else, to antagonise Evin, Evin ran towards him at top speed. The Shadow pulled out his dagger and just pointed it right towards Evin who was running too fast to avoid running right into it. Evin smiled with with eyes. His mouth didn't move an inch, but his eyes showed the Shadow something that he didn't know. The Shadow reacted to this by running back wards. Evin then jumped into the air and took out one of his throwing knives. It was one of the three that he had left. When he was just above the Shadow, he threw the knife. The Shadow had managed to put his dagger above his head to deflect it, but Evin used that opportunity to grab the Shadow's arm. He got a good grip onto the arm and then used the forward momentum of his jump and the leverage of his arm to flip just behind the Shadow. They were back to back and Evin still had the Shadow's arm. Still using the extra momentum, he threw the Shadow right over his shoulder making him fly seven feet in front of Evin before hitting the ground. Evin, quickly ran up to the Shadow and straddled over him pressing a throwing knife at his throat.
"You will find you're head on a plate if you kill him!" a man's voice said from behind.
Evin didn't bother to look behind him. This man's voice was too far away for him to be any harm. "And why should I listen to you, when I'm so close to finishing my target and saving Valcrest?" He pressed the knife just a little deeper into the skin, any movement could break the skin and very likely kill.
"I know you feel very confidant. You can kill the King and then just disappear like any good assassin would, but if you do so much as move, I will have all of my soldiers fire their arrows at you."
"And if I move before I kill the King? You might kill me, but you will also be responsible for you're King's death. You would be prosecuted for treason. It would be pretty hard to defend yourself if there are the Newhaven army's arrows found killing the King. The people of Newhaven would completely forget about how a group of assassin's tried to kill the King and just look at you're simple blunder. You didn't really think this plan through did you?"
Evin felt the blade of a sword against his neck. He then herd the man's voice again. This time it was right behind him. He said, "I had a plan. It worked too. Now drop the knife and I will think about sparing you're life."
The blade was of the White Knights. He could see the last letters of the slogan of the Knights on his sword. This wasn't good. "Drop it!" he yelled again. Evin did as the man said, but he knew that even if he listened to all of the mans demands, he would still end up dead in the end. Evin pushed his legs back to throw himself into the White Knight. He knocked the man over. He then grabbed a smoke bomb from off of the Shadow's belt and broke it on the ground. He ran as fast as he could to the court yard and waited for the Knight and the Shadow to follow. He was completely unaware of everyone else who were locked in combat with a small army of soldiers.