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located in Newhaven, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


City of Newhaven


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That arrow was a warning shot. It was followed by a demanding voice telling them to drop their weapons and surrender, well... That's one thing they would simply not do. Ali felt a familiar object being slipped into her hand and a wide grin crossed her expression. Jake had gone back for her bow. Once he released it, the bow seemed to appear out of nowhere, and that served the purpose of spooking the guards causing them to flinch. "Crys... Are you alright?"
"Don't worry about it kid." was the response. A rather shaky response, but Ali took it anyway. She couldn't babysit Crys, she would have to pull herself together. Ali hoped she'd do that sooner rather than later.
Ali nodded nocking an arrow. "Eldric, old man... Fifty arrows won't begin to cut it." She mumbled, firing a very accurate shot at a guards throat.

Night was falling down fast. And the smoke that filled the air only made it more dark. Ali knew she'd need to enhance her sight eventually to keep shooting, but she was slightly afraid of what that would cost her. At this moment she was unaware of her own injuries, and able to her the sounds of incoming rubble. Enhancing her sight could make her unaware of her surroundings, not to mention the pain that would come with it. For the moment she wouldn't think of it, she would just keep shooting.


Crys took a deep breath or two after Jake informed her of the situation. The ground was still trembling from falling rubble. She crouched down, and pressed her palm against the ground. "Crys, what are you doing?"
She didn't answer Jake's question until a moment or two had passed. "There are about 80 guards coming our way. There are probably more heading this way now from the city. We have to get this over with a quickly as possible. Go help Evin." After the last piece of that sentence Crys got on her feet pulling something that was sheathed at he back, underneath her cape... Bastian's sword. "Move Jake. We can hold our own against the guards. Knights are a whole different story."
"Holy shit." The expression let her know that Jake had finally spotted the White Knight.

Crys joined the fight to fend off the guards. Her senses finally beginning to come back to her, she could know the others were alive and well, although she couldn't exactly place them. She didn't have the time to think about it though, another piece of falling debris had just missed her. "Stupid bombs. I freaking hate them!" She muttered, her blade running clean through one of the guards. She grabbed the man's quiver out of him and tossed it in Ali's direction. "Beggars can't be choosers kid!"


Seconds after being told to move, Jake spotted Evin moving towards them. The Shadow and the White Knight following after him. Jake's eyes locked on the Knight, the man was walking slowly as if he knew Evin and the others had nowhere to run. That was true, but Jake was done running. It was pointless now. He ran past Evin, past the Shadow and collided with the knight, knocking the man down.
The sound of thunder filled the air as it suddenly started to rain. So much for cover... When the water hit Jake he became visible to the fallen knight. The man rose to his feet and pointed his sword straight at him. "You are in way over your head assassin."
Jake nodded, unsheathing his sword, and answered with a snicker. "You have no idea."
The Knight attacked Jake with his sword repeatedly, his blade meeting nothing other than the blade of Jake's Katana. Weren't for the armor the man was wearing Jake would have been able to hit him by now, but there was were little openings that he could explore.


Ali took the arrows Crys had offered her with a snicker. "Can't be picky, now can I?" She kept shooting at the castle guards until she caught a glimpse of the Shadow and immediately aimed an arrow at him. She had perfectly clear shot.
Before she has a chance to release the arrow though, she saw that Jake had been knocked out by a Knight and was about to have a blade go straight through him. She turned he arrow towards the knight and released an arrow the went through the opening on the man's helm, killing him immediately. She lowered her bow and felt her thought process come to a painful stop when she realized that Jake was still on the floor. "Dammit." She mumbled, and ran a straight line to where he was lying on the floor. She knelt down next to him. "Jake are you hurt?"
Jake sat up. "Not exactly." He smirked, trying to stand but dropping down again. "Don't worry about it." He answered, his eyes glancing over to see if Crys had noticed them.
Ali nodded. "What did you do?"
Jake simply nodded. Two or three deep breaths later, he was back on his feet. "Just a back up plan. Don't worry about it."
Ali didn't know if she could do that. Rain was pouring down hard, there was no place for Jake to hide, and there was obviously something wrong with him. "I don't like this, Jacob."
He chuckled, picking up the sword he had dropped. "I'm not exactly enjoying it either. Thanks for the help though."
Ali simply nodded, a sigh escaping her. She had lost a perfect shot.