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located in Newhaven, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


City of Newhaven


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The battle raged on behind him as the Shadow and the White Knight walked through the entrance into the courtyard. The Shadow walked at a furious pace towards Evin. The pure evil in his eyes pierced into Evin's soul. Perry was no longer the man he remembered. The man he remembered was just an act to begin with. This evil was always within him even when Evin believed that he was in a safe. He walked past the two statues of some of the great warriors in Valcrest that greeted passersby. They were life sized and said to be almost duplicates of the warriors and they carried the weapons real weapons that the warriors held. One took Evin's attention. The statue's face looked exactly like the Shadow's was right now. The eyes were definitely the same, the evil expression. The only things that were different was the clothing and the weapon. The statue carried a spear where the Shadow had with him the dagger with the mystical powers that everyone had spent chasing.
As the Shadow drew closer, it began to rain. At the same time, he heard a clamour of armour. The Knight fell backwards, suddenly the rain exposed what had caused the attacker to be exposed. It was Jake and the water had now caused him to become visible again. Something didn't seem right with him though.
Evin then caught a glimpse of Allison out of the corner of his eyes. She had an arrow aiming directly at the Shadow. It would be a definite kill, if only he could distract the Shadow for only a few more seconds.
"So, you always claimed to be greater than me. You always wanted to prove it too." What's taking her so long. He thought. "Are you really greater than me now. You've killed so people to gain power. It almost sickens me."
"It's no better than what you do for a living assass-" Before he could finish, an arrow flew just past him and hit the White Knight instead.
"Shit!" Evin ran once again at the Shadow at full speed, just like last time. Once again, the Shadow put up his dagger in front of him. He threw his last throwing knife towards the Shadow. This battle had gone on for too long. It ended now.
Evin began to slow down time again. After doing this so much, and enduring so much pain during the rest of the battle, Evin didn't know how long he could hold it. He gave it only enough time that it took a rain drop would take to hit the ground in normal time. He used that as a reference, watching the raindrops fall all over him, slowly. He also saw the throwing knife, that was slowly closing in on the Shadow. Evin continued his run at top speed towards the Shadow. The Shadow, had moved his dagger up to deflect the throwing knife. He wouldn't let that happen though. He ran past the throwing knife, still in mid air, and kicked the dagger out of his hand. Time abruptly came back to it's normal pace again and the throwing knife pierced into the Shadow's chest. He was lucky that the knife didn't hit an artery or even the heart, it had only hit him in the lung. It was very possible for him to survive.
Evin, shocked by the sudden change in time had tripped and while trying to find his balance, pushed the Shadow backwards. The Shadow struggled to find his balance too as he tumbled backwards towards the exit of the courtyard. Something managed to catch his fall though, the statue with the face strikingly similar to Perry's was in the right place to stop him. Not only from falling but from ever killing again too. One could say that the spear was really the thing that caught him. The spear impaled the Shadow right through the bastard's skull. It was over.
Evin got up from his place on the ground. Time seemed to stop. He wasn't using his powers, he was just on shock, numb. The man he had spent so many years feeling guilty for. The man he believed he had killed was now truly dead because of him. The thought of sadness came to mind, but that was quickly overpowered by complete and utter joy. He had no reason to feel guilty anymore. The Shadow was just another heartless soul seeking power in a half destroyed world. A wasteland, but home none the less. Evin ran past the soldiers who were all frozen as well. The shock on their face depicted their feeling, completely opposite to what Evin was feeling. He ran strait to Crystal and embraced her. He wasn't sure why he was doing this, she would never let him live it down, but the victory was too sweet to be ruined by thoughts like that. He didn't say a word, and despite the chaos that continued around him, nothing could ruin the feeling he had at that moment. The battle was over....