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located in Newhaven, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


City of Newhaven


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Crystal was a little unaware of what was going on around her, but the sudden wave of silence on the opposite side of the battle caused her to stop. The overwhelming sense of grief that came from the guards was telling her their king had died. She couldn't help but pity those men and women. They had no idea that their king had died a long time ago and no one had mourned his death. Now they would all mourn the death of his killer instead.
Crys nodded, quietly. What a messed up world this was. A killer would be mourned and praised for the deeds of another man, and they would be hunted for ridding the land of the curse of his existence. Maybe not tonight, though. The Knights hadn't made it to the castle after all, and the guards seemed way too shocked to attack the assassins at this point. Better this way... No more blood should be spilled on account of that monster.

All those thoughts, and every other possibility that she couldn't quite wrap her mind around, were interrupted by Evin as he came up to her. The sudden embrace caused a long sigh to escape her, as if she had been holding her breath from the moment this whole thing started. If not, then at least since the night her father died. That was over now. A small laugh followed the sigh as she let that single fact overcome all the others. Tomorrow they would have to face the reality of what they had done, but right now... It was over, they won, and it felt good.


Allison followed the battle with her eyes and she watched as the Shadow met his end. A grin spread slowly across her expression as she realized the man was finally dead. "Check mate." She mumbled, the grin turning into a slightly wicked smile. She turned towards the fallen Knight and got on knee besides the man's body. "Don't touch him." She heard one of the guards protest, but didn't even turn to face the man. "Stop me." she said, casually. Obviously, no one made a move towards her as she pulled the arrow out before removing his helm and closing his eyes in a respectful gesture. It seemed unfair to her that the man had to die because his king was a murderer and a fraud. His death, as well as every other in that castle, were that monster's fault. Ali couldn't help but still feel slightly angry at that. After a moment of silence she stood up. That's went she noticed Jake was back on his knees. Not long after that he dropped down.

She ran straight to him, and knelt down beside him, he was shivering and barely conscious. "Jake what did you do?"
He snickered, although his voice sounded weak as he spoke. "Back up plan, remember?"
"Where's the freaking antidote?" She asked in a half angry, half panicked tone.
Jake was almost unconscious, the only words he could mumble were: "Get Crys."
"Crystal! We have a problem!" She called out.
Didn't take long for Crys to come running. Ali could hear her footsteps, but she didn't take her eyes off Jake, she could feel he had pulse, but it was faint.
"Dammit Jake!" Crys exclaimed, her hand rolling up his sleeves trying to find the spot where he had pushed the needle through. "Did he say where the antidote is?"
"No Crys. He only asked for you." Ali's answer came in almost a whisper. She didn't want Crys to know what she was thinking, even if it was obvious.
Crys sighed. "Damn fool." She muttered. Ali knew she was thinking of something but couldn't know what it was. She was still holding on to Jake's wrist as if his pulse could immediately come to a stop if she was to let go. What the hell was he thinking?


"He only asked for you." The words sent Crys into a trance as if she tried to brake some sort of code. She knew Ali was thinking that this meant he knew there was no time, but... Crys knew Jake all too well to agree with that notion. So she was desperately searching for something in the back of her mind that would lead her to an antidote, something that he had said or done recently. And then she remembered...
She quickly pulled on the gold chain she now carried around her neck. Hanging from the chain was a golden locket. Jake had given her that an hour before they left. He asked to keep it safe, said it was important. She knew that it had belonged to his sister, so she didn't even try to open it, until just then. She opened the locket and used her index finger to, carefully, search the inside of the jewelry. She found a tiny needle, just a little bigger than a splinter, made of some kind of metal. She quickly felt for a vein and pushed the small needle through it, hoping it wasn't too late.


"You idiot!" Lena laughed at Jake. It was the third time he was taken to her camp for healing. The second time he had been taken there on account of his impulsiveness. Broken bones and stab wounds had become part of his routine. Just as much as being scolded by his aunt.
"They killed my sister! They must pay for that!" The thirteen year old boy argued.
"Why?" Lena asked in calm, slightly curious, tone.
"Why?" Jake repeated in disbelief. "You don't think they should?"
"It doesn't matter what I think Jacob. Either they'll pay, or they won't, but for what I have seen so far... You won't be the one to make that happen." She shrugged.
"You don't care." The boy stated.
"Who are you to say what I care or don't care about?" She asked, raising a brow. A slightly severe tone in her voice. "Your sister was an amazing girl, and surely I cared for her, but... She's dead. Killing the piece of trash who did it won't change that fact. The only reason why you want to do this is because you feel they have taken her from you." She smirked. "You don't want to do this because they hurt your sister Jake. You want compensation for what they took from you. That... That is not justice."
"What would be justice then?" He mumbled.
"Become a better man than they are. Show them that losing everything doesn't excuse taking from others and then... Then, maybe, you'll be fit to make them pay."

"Why did you bring me here again?" Crys' seemed to be trying to sound bored although Jake knew she was in fact very curious.
"Well... It is a nice place. Quiet. And I need to talk to you about something." Jake stated, with a grin. He was stalling on purpose. What he was in fact saying was not what he wanted to say. That would have to wait until the whole thing was done with. For some reason he hoped it would hurt her less that way, if he went through with his plan. In reality it didn't matter.
She sighed. "Alright, and what about?"
He pulled the golden locked from his bag and placed slowly in her hand. After giving her the time to feel what it was he spoke. "This was my sister's. She always said it protected her. So I'd like it if you wore it for a while."
She frowned slightly, flipping the round locket in her hand. "Didn't she... You know... Die?"
He laughed. "Yes. The day she died I was wearing it." He sighed. "Before I left the house she put it around my neck and said: Humor me."
"Why...?" She started.
Jake laughed and cut her off. "Humor me Crys."

Pain filled Jake's body as he felt himself slip back into consciousness. He opened his eyes to find himself sitting up holding on to Allison's hand as if he hang on to life itself. In a way he did. Jake knew how close he was to death, the last few minutes before blacking out were now a complete blur. His eyes darted everywhere from the fallen knight to the Shadow's dead body to everyone around him... Everyone, but Crys. His eyes lowered to the ground before reaching her face. He didn't have enough courage left to look at her. She was furious for what he had done, and it was clear. His breathing was still erratic and his head and chest were now aching as if they were being smashed by something heavy.
"Deep breaths." Those were the first words that came out of her mouth. Jake simply looked at her, he couldn't really speak at this point. "Try to take deep breaths, Jake. You need to slow your heart rate a bit."
Jake took the advice and took a few deep breaths. "Alright." He finally managed to say. And then his eyes ran through the whole place again. "Did any of you take the dagger out of him?" He asked.

Ali let go of his hand and got on her feet. After letting her eyes run through the whole courtyard, she crouched down next to him, a slightly concerned look on her face. "It's gone." She stated.

That could be a problem one day in the future.