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located in December City, a part of Trigun: The Search For Eden, one of the many universes on RPG.

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When Dallas and Houston burst through the door shouting about the orphanage, Wolfwood ran outside, armed with only the two pistols he had taken out of Punisher, and hopped on his motorcycle quickly getting to the orphanage. He followed through the door with both his pistols drawn, taking aim at the one who seemed to be in charge and the nearest henchman. He took in the situation, Mr. Barrow, armed with a pistol, Vash, standing in the center of the room, guns trained on his head, and Sister Mary, carrying her guns. Four children had been taken hostage by the bandits as well. Wolfwood was prepared to shoot and kill to protect these kids, but he waited for Vash to speak.

Wolfwood couldn't really say he was surprised about what Vash had said, and felt the same when the bandits just up and left. He'd seen Vash pull off way more intense situations without drawing his gun. Wolfwood remained standing in the doorway, the bandits walking timidly around him, as he still had his pistols out, and hadn't lowered his aim one bit. As the leader passed by, Wolfwood almost touched him with the barrel of his gun, giving him a wicked look at the same time. "If I see you again, I won't hesitate to pull the trigger."

Tom collapsed into a chair after they were all out the door, and Wolfwood stowed one of his pistols, taking out a match and a bent cigarette, put it in his mouth, then lit it. His other pistol remained in his hand, ready for a fight at a moment's notice, just in case the idiots came back. "Good job.... Ericks." Wolfwood said with a joking smile to Vash, then took a long drag of his cigarette.