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located in Eutarymn, a part of Seas of Paradise: The Search for Ilma, one of the many universes on RPG.


The lush capital of Resnat.


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Jake woke, it was early, maybe 5:30? He got up and got his clothing on and grabbed his hat, set it on carefully, and surveyed the men sleeping around him in the crew quarters, what had the Captain said? 6 o'clock, perhaps. "Waking time matey's!" he shouted, rousing the crew slowly, "It be a shining morning lads! Great time to get the ship ready for the seas!". Some of the crewmen were up, the rest moving their way off of their hammocks, "Where to sir?" one of them asked, "There be plenty! Clean the decks! Make repair to the railings and check on all the rigging to make sure its proper!" Jake shouted merrily, before heading up to the main deck. He could hear the men scrambling below, and some already coming up the steps behind him to get to work.