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located in Ruins, the forest and its magic., a part of The Ruins of Terran, one of the many universes on RPG.

Ruins, the forest and its magic.

Central to the Ruin.


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”Almost there, little thing.. not sure..,” she paused, inhaling as she took another long stride in front of her, “not sure why that creature wanted you, but it must mean you’re important. If anything, I have to keep you safe for Rea,” Ulva managed to say aloud finally in completion to the bird, through broken sentences-- most of her attention was focused on her speed and steps. She couldn’t recall a time in her past when she had this must energy or endurance. It had to be some of the wolf elements inside of her still, somehow effecting her strength. She wondered if she would always be like this now, or if it was just a weird psychedelic after effect of being near the forest. It didn’t matter now though, she was here as ever and a part of her had the feeling it wouldn’t be easy to leave even if she wanted.

Her bare feet felt natural, sturdy against the soft earth that was her bounding spring forward into the woods. The path was cast in shadows, the sound of trees whispering ever so faintly along her sides. The lights ahead into the clearing were becoming brighter, maybe only a mile or so away now. Ulva could feel the bird struggle in her hands, trying to etch its way out. “You want free, huh?” Ulva panted, not questioning it’s motives, but instead letting her hands open up to let this creature loose. She wasn’t’ sure if it could fly as well as a normal bird, seeing as it had what seemed to be mouse attributes. Yet the wings began to take off, shaky at first, but it held its own, keeping a fine pace along her side. She had to admit she could run a slight be easier and faster without it pressing against her chest. Her arms were free now to propel herself forward, a silent and swift protector to this little defenseless creature. Once again she had the feeling that if she could lead them to the clearing, to somewhere in the forest, they’d be safer... surely a reckless assumption, but being at the house wasn’t offering any more aid than the potential of such a mystical forces. There had to be more forces of good than evil amongst them, she had to believe it.. more of the glass half full type. And with that thought on her mind, she allowed herself to expose a hesitant smile, a tiny flash of unnaturally white teeth at the bird.. mouse... Stich

The moment of optimism was short lived for Ulva could hear a noise gaining upon them. Was it the black creature that had attacked them just moments before? Ulva wasn’t going to risk glancing back until she heard a noise, a female voice. “Huh?” she huffed, slowly to a jog as she saw what looked to be one of the other Lucky Draws running after her. She hadn’t met her yet, not caught her name... and yet Ulva could sense something wasn’t right about her. The two made eye-contact and it was in that brief second that Ulva could read the intent in her eyes. Ulva’s gaze narrowed, attention jumping from over her shoulder to the bird. “Keep going,” she spoke aloud, pushing herself to run even faster since stopping could be a trap. Stopping is what that girl wanted her to do, and it didn’t sound like a good idea.

What worried Ulva was that, besides her own footsteps and the woman’s there was yet another noise. This sound was coming from the tree line along the path, a moving rustle through bushes and leaves that was holding the same speed as she. This girl had a partner of some sort. What the hell was going on -- something Ulva would have moaned aloud but instead she just shook her head and edged the bird on faster, giving the creature an occasional glance to make sure it was still by her side.

The clearing was ever so close when she there was a force around her ankles. She looked down to see what looked to be winding snakes of darkness twist and dance rigidly around her calves and up her thigh. Pure fear was the last thing she felt before Ulva realized she lost her balance, the force of the tendrils pulling her legs from beneath her coupled by a forceful push on her back-- the bitch really had the nerve to push her down. Time seemed to move in slow motion as she lunged forward, her body rolling in a graceful tumble to the ground until she ended up on her back, head thumping against grass. At least it’s not pavement, she thought blankly, her chest pounding rapidly as her icy blue eyes stared up at the starry night sky. Stitch had stopped flying, taking a perch in the open gap between her neck and shoulder, part of its body taking refuge under her loose locks of blond hair. Part of Ulva felt honored that the tiny creature stayed by her side, by the other half of her wished it had kept flying and got away while it still could. The woman that gave Ulva her final push to the ground hovered above her, looking down at Ulva with beady evil eyes that only some demon could hold. Thomas would have never picked someone so evil to come to the forest or ruins, it just didn’t seem right. Then again, nothing seemed right. To make thing worse, the jagged tendrils of darkness crept up her body more, wrapping themselves tightly against her figure. She could feel the pressure, the strings tightening around her torso causing her to breathe harsher. Ulva could feel the tension inside herself building, the urge to shift forms again. The wolf was clawing to escape, a defense mechanism ever on the verge to take control. But now wasn’t the right time. She had to stay human and deal with this or should be giving up all hopes at taking care of Stitch, the obvious treasure amongst the bunch. Ulva bit her tongue as she fought the tingling sensation running up her spine, denying her bones the movements needed to change form. Though in many aspect, turning into a wolf would be helpful... sharp teeth was a better weapon than well.. the nothing she had now... besides communication. They could speak, it was the only way.

Ulva swallowed painfully, teeth gritting as her hands tried to pull the restraints off around her chest but it was no use, they were ghost-like. “What do you want!” Ulva finally shouted, eyes locking on this woman as her shoulders shook against the ground beneath her feet.

”Nooo!” was the immediate response, then doubled over as if fighting some inner force. The cry sounded different, the tone in voices varying from the one she heard moments earlier. The wrappings around her seemed to respond to this cry, looping downward around her body until it finally set her free and dissipated back into the shadows. Ulva sighed, taking in a gigantic huff of air, thankful for the feeling of uncompressed lungs. The woman backed away, gripping her head, clearly experiencing a headache or some sort of inner struggle. Ulva wasn’t arrogant or naive, she had the feeling this woman had a split personality, or at least a bad case of the possession. Ulva sat up, her adrenaline still pumping, her senses becoming alive the longer she was surrounded by the forest. “C’mon, Stitch,” she whispered, scooping the bird back up and standing up to her feet. She placed the bird back on her shoulder, sure that it would start flying the moment it realized she was running again. Her stance was spread, ready to take off any second, but part of her needed to watch what was going to happen next to the woman.

“I-I'm sorry... Th-That wasn't me. I promise...Can I help you?” Elise spoke, Ulva inching backwards a few steps each time the other spoke one word. By the time there was a good 15 or so feet between the two, Ulva had regained her posture and stood as strong as ever, confidence and determination building each time she blinked. She wouldn’t end up on the ground again, not if she had another to do about it.

“If you want to help me, go back... I can’t have you trying to kill me again,” she said slowly, the sound of her voice cutting through the air like knives. It was as blunt and cold as Ulva had ever been, but it was only natural now that she had to defend her life and this tiny creature’s next to her. With that said, Ulva didn’t give much time for the woman to respond. Instead, her hair whipped back around, leaning for once more in a long stride forward atop the pathway. Minutes and she and Stitch would be in the confines of the clearing. Once there, the mission was hazy, but at least she had a current goal to reach.