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located in Ruins, the forest and its magic., a part of The Ruins of Terran, one of the many universes on RPG.

Ruins, the forest and its magic.

Central to the Ruin.


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From the tree tops stood Jinana, he watched the fight, watched as it moved ever closer to the edge of the tree line, they would be here soon. He shook his head, he was not needed here, not with the other to guardians and others needed his help, he could feel the little wolf human, she had felt this way since her feet had first stepped into the woods, now it was like a blazing light in the air; so much potential. He stayed and watched as the last back steps of the dark creature echoed in the forest, the trees sending out warning. Of course it wasn’t just their fight, the three guardians were not the only guards of the ruins, the trees and forest were more alive than those in the new world, though not many knew it. Under his finger pads the tree thrummed almost silently, each tree telling the other of what was going on, their roots touch where their voices could not reach and soon even the ruins knew of the demons approach. His ears flickered, these weren’t demons, why had he used that word? They were dark creatures, yes that was for sure, but not demons, they had not seen a demon in almost a thousand year, most did not wish to cross, so they never came.

Shifting on his feet he followed the darkness in his mind, leaving behind the fight and following this new and worrying development. He wore no bell tonight, this was not a test and he could not chance begin heard. The trees softened his almost silent passage, till not even the leaves above so much as moved at his long looping jumps and soft running footsteps. The trees always told him what they saw, now all they could see was the wolf girl, the thing chasing her scared even these old trees. They would not see it, did not want to look and refused to tell the others of their fear. Even a dying tree could talk, could sing of its pain, this scared him, it could only be a demon, but what was one doing here? He lifted his muzzles as he moved between the trees soundless, scenting the air around him, it must be in the gap of his sight. It had been a long time since he had not see what he was going to, Jinan could be blind for all he needed his eyes here, but still when it was like this, the only thing he could use were his own eyes. His tail trailed in the air behind him, almost a flag behind him, coiling through the air, then strait as a sheet of paper.

Underneath him passed a vast stretch of land, they were coming closer to the clearing, he would not allow the demon to reach it. Ahead he could two girls and one of them had come with Thomas earlier as well as the man he had spoke with, but the other he had only seen briefly in passing, this was the one that the trees refused to see. Even though the girl was light in build, Jinan knew better than to underestimate the power the creature could hold. He inched down the tree closest to the girls, his eyes falling on one bird. He paused, his claws barely marking the surface of the tree, so they were coming back, no wonder with all the magic trying to infuse itself into the humans, but he had not expected it to be so quick. No only would the little bird fix things, something it loved and did better than any other creature to have ever existed, but he was an alarm for evil. No wonder the black dog like creature had gone to the house, he could not have let the creature live, it would have cause havoc to any planed attack. He smiled a toothy grin, it was more than brilliant that it had survived, but he feared for it in the presence of a demon.

He slid down the last bit of tree, just as Ulva ran towards him, he had liked her profile sheet, she had sounded like a wonderful person, someone who as truly alive. He bowed low to her, his feet finally on solid ground, his luminous eyes bright even in the darkness beneath the treetops; glowing like cats eyes. He moved on to all fours as she passed, unsure if the wolf girl had seen him but somewhat uncaring. His eyes were now fixed on the other girl, she had the shimmer of a demon beneath her skin. His tail twitched angrily behind her, its three meter length a roiling snake of flesh behind him. He stalked forward low against the ground, his body moving with eerie grace, teeth gleaming white in all the darkness. From his pocket he pulled three small round pebbles, they had been a gift from his mother when he was a child, a nightlight of sorts for his fear of the dark, but they had never lost their glow. He threw them out, not aiming to hit the girl, but spreading a dim almost impossibly low glow in the ground. It was the type of light, that if you looked directly at it, you could not see it and that was exactly why he had thrown out three. The light would not of course reach above the waist of the girl, but now he could see her legs more clearly, his reflective eyes glowing ever brighter. The rocks emitted a low pale green light and skittered across the pathway they were on, gave definition to the impenetrable dark.

“You may not come here, I can not allow you to pass, to chase one of the young or to hurt any of which I have spent my life guarding.” His voice was a deep growl, almost too low for human ears. “You must let her go, she does not belong to you, I do not know why you are here. Your kind never wish entrance to these lands, what have you come for?” He inched step by step closer, wondering if the demon would show its face in hers and try to battle in the human body, he hoped not as he did not wish to hurt any of the chosen and would be punished if he did. The wind ran through his thick pelt, brining smells of blood and the fight, it would be coming their way soon. He licked his nose, eyes scanning the area around her, he prayed to his deity that the girl would survive.


The creature gripped tightly to the twin, his paw sinking into the soft flesh and soon her life started to pour out. Along with her dripping, dribbling flow of blood, now came sparkles of gold, falling to the floor and then going dark. He had rather hoped to eat the little girl while she was still alive and gain some of her forest magic, but in truth it did not matter, he would eat her anyway, she was his now. Thick lines of saliva dripped down into her wounds, burning her pure flesh with its darkness and she screamed every time a strand touched her. It turned its head back and forth, yes he could probably take these humans, even if they were chosen, but he did not wish to lose his prize. He moved in rippled shadows, wondering if he should drop from this side and eat, he could always come back. He watched the second twin, moving to dodge her attack and taking slowly a step back further and further as they went. He could smell the hate on them all, yes that was right, let hate fill you and you too will never pass through the ruins. His laugh was a cackle, though it did not last long. Before him the dog was rolling in the dirt, small thing that it was, probably trying to heal its mild wounds. Yet it shot up running at him and as it did, its pelt lit on fire, a fire bright in the dark, burning his eyes.

Rea ran forward, pleased her plan had worked, most of her body was on fire now, trying to cleanse her immaculate white pelt of the mud she had put on it. The creature backed away and she leapt at his face, wanting to scare it back into the forest. Her body twisted, not wanting to go near the foul smelling thing and its face turned as she did; but not towards her. She smacked into the side of its head, her light going dark as the last of the mud fell from her, but already it was going, its eyes must have been very unused to the dark, she thought. Its claws scraped across the trapped twin, opening four slashes across her torso and most likely that would kill her. Rea scampered to be out of the blackness’s reach, her feet gathering beneath her as the free twin screamed, her voice full of such sorrow, her second half would surely soon die as the gold poured from her. Rea’s attack had however been successful as the creature took forest one step then another into the forest. She blinked unhappily as it paused at the edge, her teeth clicking in her small dogs jaw, but it dropped the second twin their and ran into the dark.

She yipped triumphant and ran full pelt into the forest, not stopping by the twin. Yes she felt sorry for the dying girl and doubted anything could be done to save her, but she would not allow the beast to escape, fear that it would return filling her. Her white pelt made her a target for any who might have wanted to attack her, however nothing much hostile lived in the forest, only visitors disturbed the peace. She followed her nose, she could smell its foul blood a mile off, she would not lose it. Her feet were sure beneath her, padded feet digging into the soft soil and wood sorrel wherever her pads might land. It was heading to where she had found Ulva, that odd little clearing. She didn’t know why, but she was profoundly relieved that it had not gone for the crown of the hill, she knew she must not let it there. Her eyes were better in the dark but not perfect and soon she tripped on a tree root, but this did not stop her for long, this body took pain more readily than her own and she was up on her feet in under 30 seconds. Her legs propelled her forwards and she hoped madly that what she was doing was not foolish. She could not help herself, she had to protect the people, even if it mean dying herself.