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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

Snippet #1486741

located in Planet Gunsmoke, a part of Trigun: The Search For Eden, one of the many universes on RPG.

Planet Gunsmoke

The setting of Trigun


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Knives was in awe of Darren and Carter he had never seen humans try so hard to actually make things better. Looking over all the work that had put into their cause was actually humbling to Knives. But there was still a question hanging with him and that was Trista. When Trista had gone outside to tend to the small farm they had, Knives walked up to Darren. "I'm sure you already know what I am", he said. Darren pushed his glasses up on his nose and Carter stopped tinkering, "Yes, your a mobile plant I assume", said Darren. Knives nodded, and Darren sighed, "Then I also deduce you have learned that Trista is not my daughter per say", he said turning to Carter. Knives nodded again, Carter turned around to face Knives, "How old do you think that girl is Mr Knives?", asked Carter. "Who's to say but you", said Knives, the old man smirked, "Lets see", said Carter in thought, "I found her when I was in my early 20's as a baby. So that would make her at least eight years older than Darren, so around forty-eight to fifty years old. Give or take depending on how long she had been around before I found her", said the old man. Knives eyes narrowed, "How come she has no memory of that, surely she would have noticed by now", asked Knives. "Well you see that is very unusual she would go into some sort of stasis period where she be out for years at a time", said Carter. Knives looked confused he had never heard such a thing, "My brother and i have been around for much longer than that and have never done anything like that unless there was something drastic that happened". Cater looked at Knives, "So there's two of you interesting, Well Mr. Knives is very hard to find any documents on female mobile plants, since very few were ever created", Carter pulled out a old computer and set it on his bench. "I'm sure you know that most sedentary plants are female, you see thats where I found Trista". Knives got a confused look on his face which was extraordinary since it was Knives. "How is that possible?", asked Knives. Carter brought up a screen on the computer, "Here", he pointed out, Knives looked at the documentation that Carter had made almost fifty years ago. "So you found her after the plant was already put through the Last Run", said Knives. Carter nodded, "Yes, as horrible as the last run is that beautiful girl outside feeding the chickens would not be here without it. I beleive she was actually the plant that was in the bulb the first to ever survive the Last Run and she did it by reverting to a infantile state. Also she grew very slowly when compared to other plants, I beleive that the plant that we shut down that day evolved to survive". Knives was in shock he had never heard such a thing, "So thats why you are doing the work you do. You beleive that it is possible for all plants to become mobile and live their lives as they see fit instead of being forced to make power for the humans", said Knives with his eyes wide. Cater and Darren nodded, "She went into stasis shortly before I was born", said Darren. "She awoke when I was in my early twenty's and she had the body of a eight year old child. She had no memories other than my father before I was born so she assumed I was him. So I treated her as my daughter as my father had before me, but her development began to accelerate at that point and she began to age more like a human child. So that is the story Mr Knives do you hate us, I imagine someone who has been around as long as you have, has seen the human race do many atrocities to the plants". Knives nodded, "I have and in the past I was very bitter but seeing what you and your family has done over the years is ... eye opening", he looked at the clock on the wall. "I should be going, may I ask if I could return to visit some time", asked Knives. Darren and Carter both nodded, "Of course we could always use an extra pair of hands around here", said Carter. Knives made his way outside and found Trista sitting on the steps of the front porch looking at the sun going down. "It's so beautiful", she said looking at the sunset, "Yes it is", said Knives looking at Trista, knowing in his heart he wasn't talking about the sun.