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located in Crest Mount Academy, a part of The Scoop, one of the many universes on RPG.

Crest Mount Academy



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"Wait wait, almost got it...there!" Nicki tugged at her very believable wig and looked at herself in the mirror. "Hm not bad, I make a pretty attractive guy." She giggled then forced herself to get serious. She had to stay focused and remember why they were dressing up like boys in the first place. Crest Mount Academy was hiding something, something big, something that would finally make people realize Nicki and her friends had what it takes to be real detectives. Well, she already considered herself a real sleuth, only she didn't get paid for anything she did. She knew they just had to crack the case before anyone else did, or before someone just covered the whole story up-which was very likely considering it was such a rich school. Kiki decided they would pretend to be transfer students and figure out the story from the inside. It was a wild, potentially dangerous, idea but it sure would be entertaining to see if they could pull it off.

"My name is Nick Jameson and I'm from uh...somewhere far away." She winked at herself in the mirror then started cracking up laughing. Her 'guy' voice sounded like a bad imitation of Elvis. She took a deep breath then tried again. "Just call me Nick." It was soft, but much better than before. If she didn't yell she might be able to fool everybody. "Okay you guys ready? Remember this isn't for fun, we're solving a mystery, don't get distracted!" She directed her statement more towards Angel-who was admittedly the most boy crazy of the group. Everything Nicki would need to keep up her ruse was packed away in a giant suitcase. Stylish guy clothes, makeup-which she wouldn't really be needing, her 'snooping gear', and some other essentials. Afterwards they were in a taxi and on their way to the school.

It wasn't hard to miss, situated in the middle of almost nowhere. Surrounded by rolling hills and an intimidating black wrought-iron fence, the school sat on top of a hill. Nicki could barely contain her excitement, this was the biggest case they had ever taken on. If they could actually pull the whole thing of they would be famous! Or at the very least have a real job. The car stopped by the admission office and Kiki blinked a few times before actually getting out of the car. She lugged her suitcase inside and stood before an elderly receptionist, twiddling her thumbs to keep her eyes from bugging out of her head. Were they really doing this? What were they thinking?! "Excuse me uh, I'm Nick Jameson and I'm enrolling here as a transfer student." The woman didn't seem to be suspicious of her so she just handed him some forms in return, which she hurriedly filled out. "Your room assignment, key, and class schedule are all in the folder."

Nicki sighed with relief inwardly and went back over to her friend. "Just go with the flow for now, meet me outside in the courtyard at four on the dot." She whispered in her real voice then turned away to find her dorm. On the way she tried to act like a guy, or at least how she thought they would be. A hand carelessly shoved in one pocket while the other pulled her luggage along. She made sure not to switch her hips and kept a slight grin on her face. After a short time she finally found her room and eagerly went inside. "Oh...," there were two beds which meant she had a roommate. "Crap I forgot." She clapped a hand to her forehead, she'd forgotten how these boarding school places worked. 'No big deal, I might be able to get some information out of them.' Nicki started unpacking her things, making sure to leave her trusty spy gear in the suitcase. This was going to be an interesting day.