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located in Norr, a part of The Gift: Chapter Two, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Kisikoni bared his teeth as the Lord of Earth granted his prayer- but his following attack missed. However, three of his comrades had taken the opportunity to strike the dragon. It tried to take flight, but their Lamia friend had begun to impede it's wing movements with her wicked blades. The gust of air stunned Kisikoni, and he only barely managed to get away as the Dragon slammed onto the wall. "Damn it!" Kisikoni swore, the shock of the dragon right in front of him motivating him to scramble to his feet. Though the dragon was wounded in several places, it still managed to retain a healthy amount of hate- which it focused on Kisikoni himself and those behind him. Probably Talae and Beelzes. He dodged the swipes, noting that they had such force it could tear off a limb if he tried to block and if it made contact it would kill him instantly.

He couldn't outpace it, as it was much larger and it's reach was huge. He was granted a reprieve, as Talae had thrown a bottle of strange liquid at the dragon. He wondered where his Darkguard was, and it was further down the wall dealing with some guards while it cleared the way. Makes sense, a Darkguard can't take on a Dragon- otherwise they would have raised a massive army of them- and the powerful magic-wielding races would have been floored with the slaying spells. He took his chance, but now Children were beginning to scale the walls, sending orbs of fire up and razing those that tried to combat their ascent up. He turned and ran, ducking past another angry slash from the dragon Jakanther. He wasn't as fast as Talae, and he relied a lot upon close combat to deal damage. This dragon was way out of his league- now that his one trick had been used against the monstrous being.

Children began to attack in gusto. "Talae! The wall!" He called in warning, as she was beginning to try and flank the dragon. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Duran and the Lamia- Sarish begin to make their way toward the dragon. Thank Lord Earth. He clashed with a single Child that wielded a spear, breaking a part and leaping away just as another thrown slash from the dragon nearly sliced his arms off. He backed further away, hoping that Talae was alright taking on the dragon head on. The best he could do was continue distracting the dragon and the Children from attacking her as best he could. He couldn't concentrate anymore- as the battlefield had become cluttered with enemies. His fear tactic would not work, and he desperately flailed at the child, who leapt away to avoid the heavy butterfly sword. By the gods, there were so many. His Darkguard managed to come back to him, and beat back a child that was flanking Kisikoni. The deep human then remembered the abilities of the armor, but decided to keep it on. Using it to best a single child would be a poor waste of it's strength if he wasn't being outnumbered yet. With his Darkguard acting as a nice shield that hit back, Kisikoni could fight slightly more comfortably.

Suddenly, flames burst on the ground, sending Kisikoni dancing away. More children. His Darkguard was completely occupied with several Children, taking some damage from the fire and weapons. The dragon seemed preoccupied, but Jakanther would be on him in no time. Fireballs and swords sang a vicious melody. Suddenly the ground at Kisikoni's feet combusted, and he got away just in time to avoid the catching of the fire- just as another flaming orb made contact with him. His heightened senses alerted him, but mid-jump was a terrible place to be when trying to absorb a hit. He raised his arms.

His enchanted Live Armor absorbed much of the impact. If it weren't for the armor, Kisikoni would have been fried to a crisp. The charred leather fell off in blackened scraps, all the defensive magic drained from it- as well as probably any ability he had. His left arm was numb. Looking down, he saw terrible burns, and was nearly sick. As the pain began to set in, Kisikoni screamed in agony, collapsing against the battlements of the wall. Surge. Surge damn it, SURGE. He thought angrily, but his armor failed to respond. Everyone else seemed to be doing so well- but Kisikoni himself had been wounded terribly. The thought humiliated him, cursing at his burned arm and looking up to see several Children occupying his Darkguard- and two more beginning to take notice. Kisikoni had to act fast. But how?