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Snippet #1503841

located in Kusuke city, a part of Eerie City, one of the many universes on RPG.

Kusuke city



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"Hahaha! This shit's REAL!?" A tall blond man laughed at a pair of photographs he was holding in his hand's, he reclined back in a deep red velvet arm chair, located near a freestanding fireplace in the center of a cavernous living room. To his side there was ceiling high plate glass window showing an amazing view over the bright lights of Kusuke City.
"You're absolutely sure?" the man reiterated, "I mean... just look at these things..."
He tossed the photographs onto the low glass coffee table in front of him, before taking a drag from the cigarette that was hanging from his mouth. The photographs showed a pair of mutilated corpses, shredded beyond recognition.
"A wild animal could have done this for all we know..."
"No." A womans voice cut clearly through the room, "My source claims the autopsy showed the marks were not made by any animal, it was a human who did this."
The man ran his hand through his hair, "Jesus..."
"Bringing back some bad memories?" The woman questioned affrontingly.
"Shaddap... How do you even know about that?" The man spat.
"I know much more than you think, Jacob." The woman stepped out of the shadows into the glow cast by the fireplace. She was pale, slender, and elegantly shaped, with slight curves that stood out through her black cocktail dress. Her dark brown hair was tied up into a bun, with a lock of hair left over her forehead.
"You would wouldn't you Eve." Jacob mumbled, "Oh well, I'll take my leave..."
He stood up, the paused for a second, then snatched up the photographs, and the manila file on the table, "I think I'll take these too."
"Don't get yourself killed Jake," The woman said, with a pained expression on her face.
"You... You actually have human feelings?" Jackal stuttered, sarcastically.
"Yes, I have feelings... I really really care... About all the misplaced money you are foolishly throwing in my direction in hopes I lead you somewhere!" The woman laughed, "Now go get yourself a nice story."