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Snippet #1504170

located in Kusuke city, a part of Eerie City, one of the many universes on RPG.

Kusuke city



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Jackal sauntered down a dirty street, illuminated in the golden glow of the morning sun. He'd taken time to read over the documents Eve had given him at a coffee shop near her penthouse. Apparently the investigation unit in charge of the case he was looking into was stationed around here. He glimpsed a streak of white out of the corner of his eye. His head whipped around to bring the source into view. Nothing. There wasn't even a door or alleyway the ghostly figure could have ducked into, just a bare white-washed wall.
"Shit... Not this crap again..." Jackal muttered, rubbing his eyes with irritation.
He stopped in view of the police station studying it. It was nothing special, just your average red brick city station. He noticed a blonde woman stride into the building, it wasn't her hair that caught Jackal's attention, or even the fact that she was quite good looking. It was her trench-coat. His mind formed the immediate connection with the various action films he watched, and comics he read as a child, a trench-coat was a sign of importance to 'the story'. He grinned, and started after her.
By the time he had entered the police station, though, the woman had gotten away. He sighed, and approached the police desk.
"Can I help you? The dykey looking officer manning the desk asked.
"Yeah, I'm here to see the unit investigating the 'Stanton Avenue Killings', and the other similar cases." Jackal said in a cool tone.
The officer gave him vicious look, "Who are you, and how do you know about those cases?"
Jackal hopped back to a safe distance, and raised his hands, "Woah, woah~ lady! I just utter those few words and you're all over me! Calm down, I'm just here to help, I'm a private investigator with new evidence to present to the investigation team."
He whipped out a badge, but only kept it in sight long enough for the woman to catch a glimpse of it. If she had been able to study the hunk of metal he had just wave in front of her face she would have been able to tell it was no more a police badge than a paper mache balloon, it was actually a medal he had won from a kick boxing tournament a few years back that was shaped similarly to a police badge. His blatant lie about bing a private investigator was only a ploy to gain access to the investigation team. Once he knew their faces it wouldn't matter if the kicked him out, he could find them and badger them until they spilled the beans on this case.
The woman still looked suspicious, even when she picked up the phone and began punching in numbers.