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located in Marchfield Laboratories, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

Marchfield Laboratories

The central location for science in Revelation.


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Eyes darting to the room’s most recent occupant, Atalanza crossed her arms across her chest once more. Her face resumed its autonomic, scrupulous expression as she took in the familiar man. She had always thought Giacomo to be a fearsome specimen. Of course, she knew much better of his intentions, but there was something about his stern expression along with the glowing crystals in his skin that unnerved her on some level. Though her face never betrayed this wonderment.

Ata’s lips pursed, and she took a step toward the raven-haired man, scrutinizing him with pale eyes. “That’s all good and well, Giacomo, I’m glad your work is panning out for you—we may not have the burden of having people to provide The Cure to in the future. To say you’ve made quite a stride in Revelation history is quite an understatement. Not to mention the ravishing proposition to simply ‘take back’ The Cure inconspicuously.” Her mouth pulled into a smirk as she further narrowed her eyes. “And while that is all good and well, I somehow find it hard believe that the grimy little rats in Parliament who already have their hands on The Cure—mass producing it as we speak—are going to be willing to just give it back. They don’t care if there is a flaw in it. They are using it as a punishment; a weapon; a torture device. They’re not going to to give it back.”

A short silence allowed time for the atmosphere around the conversation to lose its bitter chill as Ata’s expression eased in ferocity. Her eyes softened for a moment. She was preaching to the choir. All three of the people surrounding her had nothing but pure intentions. Squabbling with one another over something that they all felt the same sentiments for was futile; a waste of time.

She backtracked. “Your ideas are good, just not entirely practical. We made the mistake of not putting the distribution policy on it in the first place—when the serum was first completed. We can’t go back and fix that now.” She attempted a sympathetic expression before regaining a serious composure. “However, going underground isn’t out of the question. We may not be able to retrieve the old serum, but perhaps we can create a new one. A better one. This time being to sure to keep it far out of the sight of any politicians.”