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located in District Delta, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

District Delta

Poorest district in the city, home mostly to magi, criminals, industrial workers, and the homeless, as well as most of the city's factories.


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Pan hummed to herself as she wandered about her grandparents' kitchen. Up until about six months ago, she'd been absolutely hopeless with anything involving food, but now that she was practically in hiding, she was slowly starting to learn those skills that she'd really had no time for previously. It was just as well; without as much to fill her days, she would probably have otherwise driven herself crazy with nothing to do.

She leaned against some free counterspace and considered what, exactly, she should do with the rest of her day. She had no more appointments to keep today, nor was it her day to visit Loki at the palace. Those were always something of a double-edged sword. The princess herself was hospitable, albeit in sort of a strange way, but it was obvious she didn't really belong there. Still, who did they have but each other these days? It wasn't safe for any of them to keep that many associates outside of the others, after all, and she didn't, aside from her family and her patients.

The smell of baking bread filled the small kitchen, and Pandora grinned to herself. Maybe one day, when all of this is over, she'd be able to make bread and pastries for a living. It sounded like a nice, peaceful sort of occupation. She didn't think too hard about when one day would be, or if it would ever come at all, because really, practicality was never the point of dreaming. She left the practicality to other people. They liked it better than she did, anyway.

The Assassins' Guild

Zade was taking notes on a rather large (but not dusty- nothing in the Archive was ever dusty) leather-bound book when she heard someone take a seat not far from her. Normally, this was something she would simply ignore, but as it was, she heard muttering, and had the voice not been feminine, she would have sworn that the voice belonged to a doctor she'd met a few times in the past. He certainly had the habit of talking to himself, and the subject matter was somewhat similar also.

As it was, she glanced up and saw a blond woman pull her had down over her head and apparently bury her nose in a book. She'd never seen this woman before, which while not necessarily a reason for suspicion (she certainly did not know all the assassins around here, after all) was certainly of at least mild interest. As Loki was constantly reminding her, even those things which did not seem to have immediate significance could be important later.

It was perhaps along this line of thinking that Zade decided to inquire. "Glashkov?" she had to admit, that was an odd choice for an assassin's light reading. "You... don't live here, do you?" As if the clothes hadn't made that obvious enough; even she wore the standard uniform around the Guild itself, and she certainly wasn't an actual assassin. Close enough, she supposed, but not really.