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Zeruel let out a long and painful sigh, how was he ever supposed to find out if this girl was a Vampire or Angel, if Zeke was there. Zeke knew nothing about the creatures his ‘friend’ became during the night. “So where do you live Kia?” Zeke asked in a bouncy tone, a tone which annoyed Zeruel greatly, he had a girlfriend yet he was already trying for a second one. “Somewhere around here Zeke.” Zeruel growled back at him. He would just be glad when they got there, even though, the only hint they got was ‘this way’ and a finger being pointed in the south-east direction. Kia being drunk and all didn’t help, it just slowed down the process of trying to find where she lived.

Zeruel stared up at the sky as it was already beginning to set, given about 10minutes, so they better find her house soon before Zeke witnessed their transformations. His eyes wandered to Kia constantly, in a analytical fashion. She didn’t seem like a cold-blooded Vampire, but then, which female does? Vampires were crafty, hiding behind their innocence.

“It’s this one.” Kia pointed to a shop, which looked a little run down and was just about to close too. “You live upstairs in a shop?” Zeke looked at her in awe, Zeruel just rolled his eyes, it wasn’t that amazing at all. In fact it was pretty cheap, although there was a benefit of getting free food from downstairs. “My friend Eddie runs it.” Kia gave a nod and a smile to Zeke before walking inside, Zeruel followed inventively, if she was a Vampire, he would be the one to kill her. “Ando, where are you-” Zeke had stopped when Zeruel gave a cold glare back at him before continuing inside. “Alright, I’ll see you back at the apartment. Be back before university starts!” he called after Zeruel with a sly grin on his face, considering Zeruel wasn’t good with girls, so this would be his first since Zeke knew him.

As they got up the stairs, Kia had a worried look about her face, the person downstairs packing away all of the stuff didn’t seem to be her friend, otherwise she would have greeted him. It was a good thing she didn’t question Zeruel why he was following her, perhaps she wanted him to…he stopped his thoughts quickly as the smell of blood came wafting out from the doorway to the upstairs room. “Eddie.” Kia yanked off a note which was left on the door and screw it up in her hands, without even trying to read it. She pushed open the door and went inside, scouring the area, nothing seemed out of place, no blood anywhere, no signs of a struggle. “Don’t go in the bathroom.” she told Zeurel, looking back at his confused face. He didn’t really react, but knew that was where the smell of blood was coming from, that was also probably the place where this person called Eddie was killed. Kia had now sat down on the sofa, just staring blankly, she didn’t cry, even though she knew that her friend had been killed. Zeruel watched her for a minute before looking out the window, seeing the last signs of the sun he quickly ran into the bathroom.

He managed to avoid himself from slipping in the pool of blood, but slid into the bath, causing a huge disturbance, making Kia aware of where he now was. It didn’t bother him though as he fell to his knees in the puddle of blood and clutched his chest. His heart began pounding as he felt the transformation begin, there wasn’t much psychical change, although, around his eyes would appear a blue shadow. Like he was wearing make-up. Oh the comment he would get from it, which is why he would usually wear glasses, but he didn’t have them with him today, they were back at his room. His eyes would glow an intense blue as he was filled with the urges to kill Vampires. After a few minutes, he was able to stand again, an evil smirk crossing over his lips. As he held out his hand, sparkly particles formed a halberd, purple in colour and reaching just below his height when held up straight. Now was the time he would find out whether or not this girl was his enemy, or just another Angel.

He pushed the bathroom door open so hard it slammed and cracked against the wall beside it. He held the halberd up right as Kia looked at him with a surprised look. Blood dripped off of him and onto her carpet as he took a few slow steps forward. As Kia began to run, he lunged forward pinning her to the floor, the blood from his hair, dripping onto her pale face. “Now then,” he smirked, bringing the tip of the halberd to where her heart should be. “Which one are you?”