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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

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located in Planet Gunsmoke, a part of Trigun: The Search For Eden, one of the many universes on RPG.

Planet Gunsmoke

The setting of Trigun


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Meryl had just finished downing the glass of water when she heard someone moving through the hallway towards the kitchen. Setting down the glass she turned just in time to see Vash appear in the doorway. She watched him a moment as he leaned against the door and in an attempt to look calm and collected he began speaking. '' uh hay Meryl. I'm gonna be heading out a ways. If your not too busy with the house you could come along.....I...If you want.''
The stutter did not go unnoticed and if she'd not been shy of him just standing there she'd have chuckled at it. Instead she did her own casual shrug and smirked. "Sure, Milly and Knives can watch over the boys while we're gone and Wolfwood can cook or vise versa until we get back. I'll uh...I'll go pack my things and meet you out front in a few minutes." she stated and moved to the doorway he'd been leaning on and as she drew near she turned sideways in order to get past him and in the sad attempt not to touch him, she grazed his arm with her hand. Blushing slightly she glanced up at Vash's face to see if he'd noticed, but quickly slipped by and skittered down the hallway, then bolted up the stairs. Once in her room she stood there a moment before giving an awkward pained face and groaned in discontentment. "That was smooth." she remarked as she moved over snatching up a pack and began loading it with things she'd need for the trip, including guns, ammunition, two changes of clothes and other items. When she was finished she slipped it onto her back and headed downstairs. When she reached the front door she set the pack down and called to the boys and Milly. "Guys can you come here a second?"