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located in New York, a part of Children Of Heaven and Hell, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Otter could hear the commotion going on the next street over. She had started off on this walk in search of some sort of human food, but now, it seemed that entertainment was just aroud the corner. Her insides tingled, telling her that vampire or angel was causing the ruckus, she figured both, not just one would cause such a commotion. She decided to stay back far enough to view, but not be seen. She climbed up a rickety, rusty, ladder on the opposite buiding across from the distress.

Her violet eyes couldn't tear away from the events unfolding right before her. She smiled and giggled, watching the little girl fly through the air. "Pretty wicked." She whispered. Of course, unwanted responces came and went. "I wish that was you falling helplessly towards the pavement." Onyx spoke, his words dripping with hurtful venom that didn't even phase Otter. "Yes, but if that were to happen, you would have nowhere to thrive." She retorted, snickering when he didn't respond. "Interesting." She commented, watching the angel attack the other God sent creature just for putting put her ciggarette. "What a childish thing to let ruin your day, I'm sure she has more. If not..." She opened her box, counting them and dropping a slender stick on the sidewalk below. Then she scurried away from view and hopped to the next rooftop over. She viewed the building that she sat atop, finding it to be a quaint cafe, just what she was looking for.

Otter helped herself down, being careful to not scrape a nail or harm her dress. She stepped into the little coffee shop, receiving numerous stares, and some lingering longer then they should have. She snickered, walking towards the cash register, a young man helplessly holding her gaze, unable to tear away from the flawless girl in his face. "Why hello there." She spoke, winking at him and leaning down on the counter to show a little extra cleavage. "I'd like a black coffee and a croissant. Here's my number." She scribbled down seven digits on a napkin then slid it to the gaping mouthed teenager as she headed to the booth and sat down. She scooted herself agaist the wall, propping her legs up to take up the whole booh seat. She noticed a smoking sign and sighed in relief, taking another long drag of her nearly forgotten cigarette.