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located in New York, a part of Children Of Heaven and Hell, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Otter sighed as the male from the cash register brought her order to the booth. He seemed rather nervous and she decided to use this to her advantage.
"Take a seat, why don't ya' I'm sure there is such thing as a break here and there." She gave him a dazzling smile, showing off her perfectly straightened white teeth. He practically melted into his hands on spot.
"Sure, breaks are cool. I'm Dustin...Who're you?" His emerald eyes glistened with innocence and Otter knew this would be just too much fun for her.
"Well, i am Otter. Very pleased to me you." She extended a hand to shake and he stared at her unchipped polished black nails for the longest time before realizing her intentions, then he shook her hand after his cheeks flushed brightly.
"How old are you?" The vampire questioned, although she could tell just by his demeanor that he was under twenty.
"Im eighteen. And you, pretty lady?" He dared a sheepish smile and Otter giggled in return.
"Why aren't you just adorable?" She chirped, pinching a cheek gently. "I'm much older then I look. But let's just put it at nineteen. Yeah, that sounds good." The boy was completely oblivious to her odd behaviour, his eyes on her lips, hesitating on her chest here and there, quite conspicuously. "I bet all the girls wanna fuck you." She whispered, low enough for only him to hear. His gaze lifted to her violet eyes again, surprise and dirty thoughts surrounding his expression. "What was that?" "I said, I bet all the girls wanna fuck you."

Dustin could only grin at her fowardness. "You've got my number, hit me up when your ready to play." She winked again and headed out, not even touching her food. "Wait." He snatched her hand quickly before she was able to slither out the door. "There's no need to rush out, besides...l His eyes hit the floor as he rummaged his brain to put the words just right. "I would enjoy, erm, playing now."

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