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located in The Skycity of Revelation, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Skycity of Revelation



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Taylor Estate

Caelin traded blows once more, trying to get a good hit off on the enemy. However, he jumped back, starting to play a little more defensively. Through the robes, he could see his eye blazing in concentration. He pondered briefly whether he saw the same. Suddenly, a wave of heat stroked the room, as he looked back to see a fire ball dissipate against the stone walls. Mages? Unexpected. He turned, just as the second assassin charged him, nearly cutting him up with two deft slashes. Taylor jumped back, watching as energy gathered in the man's hand. Suddenly, the assassin turned, raising his palm toward his fellow assassin- but before the pulsating flow of power released, the man was tackled by Loki and killed. The assassin swore, the energy disappearing from his hand.

So, he was the medic of the two. No wonder he was stronger in fighting- he had to learn how to defend himself since metaphysical-passive magic did not do direct damage. He took advantage of this, pressing in on the individual. Taylor whipped out a wand from his belt, one of many he had been carrying since they discovered magic's powerful effects on himself. If it had been him who was hit by the fireball, he would have burnt to a crisp. Flicking the wand in a pattern similar to a six-edged star, the man who had begun approaching was suddenly engulfed in a plume of hissing smoke. A personal invention of his, with the help of Mr. Vernazza. It had only six uses, the most the scientist could squeeze out of this want that used the surroundings to blind the enemy with dust. The assassin started coughing and rubbing his eyes, flailing his sword out. Taylor rushed in, sliding under the swinging blade and stabbed the epieu straight up the man's torso- punching through the diaphragm, lungs, and heart. The man jerked twice, then went still. Throwing the limp corpse off his body, Taylor got up and looked for the Princess.

His eyes widened in shock as she just finished putting out the fire on her arm. Rushing over, he plucked another wand from his side. An injured guest was a massive blow to his pride- especially with a friend like Loki. He noted that she had used the tea to put out the flame- but that just worsened the burn as the water was nearly boiling. He could almost feel the angry flesh as he refused to step back and pointed the wand at her arm, flicking it in a simple cross-pattern. The flesh immediately began to rejuvenate, luckily the burns being fresh there was no dead meat yet- just the dying kind being revived. He patiently healed the wound on her arm. Usually, this wand was only meant for him- as they were rather expensive to be healing mid-degree burns that quickly. They only had about three uses, though this was the first time he used it.

But that wasn't on his mind. Taylor called for a maid, one arriving within five minutes. She had been hiding earlier, but after she had listened to the sounds of fighting fade she answered her employer's call. She was no fighter- though now she was seriously considering it. "Esmera, please check our guest over, she might have burned herself." He said.

Assassin's Guild

Victoria was rather taken back by the old man's politeness. Usually ones like him were grumpy and impatient. He also seemed genuinely old- rather than the geezers that would chase after you, slapping your thighs with their walking sticks and beating you if they caught you.... nevermind. She quickly quashed her surprise and returned a smile. She quickly looked over a Scheherazade, who seemed to be rather hostile to him. Adopting a hesitant tone, she answered the man.

"Well, this book by Glashkov is about medicine... One-Hundred Common Mala... wait." She cut off, wondering if she had heard the blacksmith earlier. "Forgefire!? THE Gabriel Forgefire!?" She exclaimed. She admired all of the Forgefire products- her Master's twin fighting daggers were of Forgefire make. "What're you.." She stopped again, flushing again. "Er... sorry. 'One-Hundred Common Maladies of the Body' by Glashkov. Is this, uh, the book you were looking for, Mr. Forgefire?" She secretly enjoyed saying his name, as she never really met one of such high repute often- even more so now that they were on the run from renegade assassins. Maybe she could convince her Master to get her a Forgefire sword one day.

Drat. That would involve joining the Assassin's Guild. Her countenance visibly depressed as she took the book and showed it to him.