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located in Liberty City, a part of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Chronicles, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Ophelia looked out the dirty apartment window it always bugged her that she lived in such filth, the tiny two room apartment she shared with her mother. She would have and did moved out years ago, but if it hadn't been for her money problems she'd be faraway right now. She's be in College living her own life far away from Liberty City. her eyes wondered to the table where she sow the newspaper with the headline MacLean is Mac-Back an article about her Father rerunning for some public office, Her Step-Mother and Brother's faces published along side him. She grabbed the paper and ripped it in two, sick of her daddy's lies.

That is when her phone rang, "Hello?" she grumbled still in rage.
The voice muttered a few words barely hear-able.
"Happiness Island?"
"Sure" she said and hung up the phone, grabbing her jacket and heading out, glad he mother wasn't home, she'd just bitch.