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located in Liberty City, a part of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Chronicles, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Kate walked past her house, and up to her garage door. She pulled at it, and it didn't open. She grabbed a pipe nearby, and pushed it underneath. She tugged. "Fucking door!" She yelled "Open for fucks sake!" She yelled again, finally tugging it open. She walked inside, put on a set of holsters incase something bad happened, slipped on her Overcoat and rolled the sleeves up, to make sure nobody saw her guns. She put the guns in the holsters, taking care with her Makarov. She sat on her Zombie, and revved the engine. "Come on, you peice of junk.. Start!" She shouted angrily. And to her luck, it started. "That was lucky.." She muttered. She drove slowly out the garage, kicking the side before she left so it shut. And she drove off, making her way to the Heliport, to get a lift to hapiness island.

(Long-ish post)