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located in The Assassins' Guild, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Assassins' Guild

Tallest building in District Gamma, and a reminder that the Assassins are always present- especially when you can't see them.


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The smith observed the changing of the young girls quietly after revealing his name, watching for any signs of recognition in their manner, when the realization began to dawn on the one that seemed out of place in the Assassins' Guild that he was more than some random stranger. It had always been some strange obsession of his to notice when he had been recognized by another person, and much more so when it did not happen on sight, a much more common occurrence in the last few year; being raised in the blacksmith’s trade naturally led to this desire in its craftsmen to be assured of their works quality, and know how long-reaching the fingers of their skill truly are.

"Well, this book by Glashkov is about medicine... One-Hundred Common Mala... wait." She cut off, wondering if she had heard the blacksmith earlier. "Forgefire!? THE Gabriel Forgefire!?" She exclaimed. She admired all of the Forgefire products- her Master's twin fighting daggers were of Forgefire make. "What're you.." She stopped again, flushing again. "Er... sorry. 'One-Hundred Common Maladies of the Body' by Glashkov. Is this, uh, the book you were looking for, Mr. Forgefire?"

Obviously the child was pleased with meeting him, and he was pleased by this reaction as well, being assured that his stature had not fallen completely out of sight as of yet, and lightening his dismal mood from earlier brought on by one meagre glass of wine, although it had been a very fine one now that he thought about it twice. The apprentice even had a flicker of recognition sprout across her face after the book-carrier assured the assumption about his identity by repeating it thrice. More than likely she knew him for his signature weapon designs, that seemed to be the most common one for anyone not associated with steamship production and maintenance.

When he mentioned looking for a specific Glashkov title, Scheherazade shrugged. "If it's not that one, the others are two rows back, middle of the shelf, I think."

The austere elderly man bowed his head forward at their assistance in gratitude, taking the book politely from the one to peruse the first few pages briskly. He had once owned a copy of the same book, but it had suffered water damage from a leak that had worked its way through his ceiling during a terrible thunderstorm, along with a large segment of his library, forcing him to attempt and recover his lost literature. Most of the time he would copy from the pages himself, every so often a scrivener was paid to perform the task, but that was very seldom indeed, Garbiel enjoyed practising his penmanship through the menial task. While glancing over the text the large man paused briefly, just to mark his spot as he glanced upwards so that his progress was not lost in his words.

“The assistance is much appreciated ladies, and this does seem to be for what I have been searching, but I must say I cannot properly thank you as I have not had the pleasure of your names.”

An almost-embarrassed grin spread across the large man’s face with the point being voiced, he had not actually heard their names spoken earlier, and did not want to appear a dullard if they assumed he had, but had no choice in the matter. In hopes to cover this little expression his eyes quickly darted back down to the yellowed-pages of the old Glashkov title. This tome was indeed the correct one; in fact it was the best title that had been in his possession in concerns to healing certain common illnesses. Pneumonia and heat exhaustion was a particularly common occurrence among blacksmiths from the exposure to such extremes of the heat and cold. This was another situation that Garbiel preferred to solve on his own, only calling for a doctor or healer whenever it was a necessity, but a quick thought crossed his mind, and the man gave way to his curiosity, voicing a question to the previous reader.

“Apologies for the inquiry miss, but do you happen to have any knowledge in the field of medicine?”