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located in District Alpha, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

District Alpha

The wealthiest district in Revelation.


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Imogene’s heart sank when the guest took her words for a joke. It was not often that she fumbled over her intentions or made them come across unclearly. She didn’t have to explain herself or reiterate to anyone. Perhaps this was the curse of the privileged. They were seldom misunderstood, and when it happened, it was irritating. She’d meant what she said. She wanted to know what the price of any information she could give would be. But, he brushed away her question like an annoying fly which buzzed in his ear. She was about to explain herself more clearly when then man pulled something from his pocket and seemed to read it as if words were written on it. Something about his eyes in that moment told her that he was reading bad news.

He explained that people had been attacked, though he didn’t say who, and Imogene became alarmed. She wanted to ask if everyone was okay; if the people who’d been attacked were still… alive, but she didn’t get the chance. After making a veiled accusation about who was behind the attacks, she supposed, he took his leave. Imogene rose to see him out when he turned to her with a card in his hand. He gave it to her, along with a knowing look, and gestured for her to turn it over. She did, reading the back of the card with a quick glance. His back was very obviously turned to Seth, so she guessed that he did not receive the same consideration she had. This was intriguing, and Imogene felt a jolt of something she had not felt in a long time as her guest exited her room: excitement.

The back of the card had directions to a place in the Gamma District. A meeting place? Obviously, Imogene was supposed to go there. Why else would Dawn have given her the address. She would go, but she would have to be smart about it; she would have to be sure her husband didn’t find out, which meant keeping it from practically everyone else. Perhaps there were people she could trust, but she would have to choose them wisely. Maybe Katie? A ladies maid was nothing if not loyal to her mistress.

She was brought out of her planning when Seth spoke. It seemed as if he was determined not to let the strange encounter effect him. He changed the subject back to their normal course of conversation, asking what her plans were for the day. The sheer ordinariness of his question made her realize just how unordinary her morning had been. She was overcome by an urge to know the truth, whatever it was. She had been so sure that she couldn’t think any less of her husband than she already did, but now she was not so sure.

“Is it true? What that man implied?” she asked, countering Seth’s question with one of her own. Her question hung in the air. She wondered if she would get an answer. “Seth, I know that you think I’m fragile. You think that I can’t handle the truth, don’t you? But… I have a right to know. Is David trying to have people killed--for what? Opposing his politics? Has he succeeded?”

The though was unthinkable; despicable, but she couldn’t honestly say whether she’d be surprised if it were true.