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located in New York, a part of Children Of Heaven and Hell, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Kouta had sighed, it seemed no-one had yet reacted. It was almost picth black outside now, the lights of New York lighting up the black sky, or at least that's what he remembered night being like in New York.
"I'm gonna go ahead... i might be able to find that friend of yours without you having to expend so much effort Zeruel" with that Kouta walked out of the door, walking through the streets. Then he felt a strange arua, there were two aruas, both seemed to be in a violent phase, most likely a battle.
Don't think about it... just find that vampire demon and then kill him... Kouta thought. He took a few more steps forward and then sighed
"Ok fine, you happy... stupid sense of justice" he mumbled as he walked towards the arua. As he came around a building he saw a small battle take place, between and angel and a vampire. The vampire seemed to be knotted in some tree roots and the angle was holding something, a drill strange weapon... Kouta thought didn't even know drills could be used as weapons he hen looke over and said to the angel
"Oi, you got this fight covered?"