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located in The Skycity of Revelation, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Skycity of Revelation



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Taylor Estate

"N-n-no, not at all milady!" The maid fumbled, staring at the floor once, then at the princess before dashing out of the room to fetch cleaning supplies. She had left the medical supplies on the coffee table. As she did so, Taylor looked at the bodies somewhere around the time Loki began examining them. Mage-assassins? Very unheard of. He couldn't say it himself, but assassins never really were the ones to kill others magically. In history, there were no recorded killings he had heard of that had gone unresolved due to magic. Even assassins can turn fire-bombings into clueless murder scenes. They had most of the strings.

These renegades must have been something special. He knew that if he had been alone when they struck, he would have been forced to engage one in combat while the other could shoot fireballs at him at leisure. They would have found a corpse so burnt not even the carrion birds would eat them. He turned his gaze on Loki and sighed. One more favor he owed the Princess, whether or not she knew it or if she would call him on it. Thinking about it, healing the burn was only a small repayment to what she saved him from. Taylor wasn't took keen on being burned alive.

The nobleman quickly went out into the lobby, gave Siri a quick hug, and told him to go back to his studies. It was just another fire drill. He smiled when the child started complaining- they had acted like a real fire had started. By they he meant the staff. The maids and servants looked around sheepishly. By now, they felt they should be used to this. However, Caelin didn't blame them. He told everyone not to enter the parlor for the time being, as he and Loki needed to discuss important matters. Only Esmera was to come in for cleaning.

Going back inside, he saw the Princess still examining the bodies. She kept going on about how things just didn't add up. Caelin agreed. Strange they would attack today, when the princess decided to make a spontaneous visit to his estate. However, with only two assailants, the nobleman considered the most likely conclusion and voiced it.

"The way I see this, they weren't expecting you to make a visit. I do remember that surprised look- which means you probably haven't told anybody you were visiting, am I correct? If so, then these assailants were here specifically for me. With the realization of the Cure's side effects, our enemy might have hired some mages to finish me off rather than defeat me with blade. Two would have been enough. As strange as this meeting is, I think we might just have to admit that this fiasco was a coincidence, and that you saved my life once more." He sighed, rubbing his head. "For that, I thank you."

Esmera had returned, throwing down two black bags- bodybags. "Er, if you're done milady, I shall begin disposing of the bodies." She stammered.

Assassin's Guild

Victoria smiled as she looked at Gabriel. "I-it's Victoria! Victoria Steins, sir!" She said, forgetting to consider making a name for once. Not that she would have- as Hera had already heard her name and would question her if she had brought a new name up. Was her nickname Hera? She couldn't remember. Either way, she had already excused herself, and Victoria gave her a wave goodbye. Suddenly, the old man asked her another question.

"W-well yes sir, but I am only an apprentice and-" She began

"She's my apprentice." Cut in a recognizable smooth voice. Etzel seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, and Victoria had jumped nearly twelve feet into the air at his sudden arrival. "Strange you should be here, out of all placed Mr. Forgefire. I was just going to see you about some new orders." He said. He paused. "My apologies, Grand Smith. I do believe I was interrupting a conversation."

Victoria gulped several times. "W-well, yes." She said. "My master is teaching me the art of medicine. I want to... uh, be a physicist." She finished lamely. Of course most of her studies were concentrated on fast thinking, developing salves and medicine, the analyzation of poisons, and the development of anti-poisons. Not so much on the physical injuries such as internal bleeding, broken bones, or whatnot.

"I can confirm this." Etzel interjected. What he really wanted was for Victoria to become an assassin. She already knew how to fight under his tutelage, and create deadly toxins. It was a lot of wasted effort if she didn't, really and just became a doctor. However, he couldn't contain such a wild spirit. At some point, she'll take the Physician's guild test and become a doctor. And that would be that.