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located in New York, a part of Children Of Heaven and Hell, one of the many universes on RPG.

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"If he really was going to commit suicide then some where quiet. Desolate unless it's a publicity stunt." She flinched and felt herself shiver. Zeruel wondered how Kia would know or think of something like this. Perhaps she commit suicide? But then...doesn't God hate people who commit suicide, an act like that would suely get her to go to hell rather than heaven. "Anbandoned warehouses maybe... Tall building sites... I dont think Zeke wants to be found if he's dead so it would be well hidden" She was a little pleased with her deduction and she began to tug Zeruel along. "Even a favourite place of his..." She mused to him. "Come on." She smiled a little at him and tried to cheer him up. Silently hoping that they would find him sooner then later.

Zeruel sighed, he didn't want to think of Zeke as someone who would take love that far enough to want to kill himself. Kia wasn't exactly helping the cause, Zeruel just needed someone to reassure him that Zeke was still alive. "Uh... hey... i just remembered, i have no idea what Zeke looks like... though even that would probably do me no good... i'm sorry if i am intruding on something you guys would rather do alone... i don't know this guy like you guys do..." the voice came from Kouta who seemed to be following them. Zeurel turned sharply a little surprised by the fact that he didn't sense Kouta there before. He rolled his eyes, what help could Kouta be, he couldn't see and therefore couldn't be much use in finding Zeke. Maybe if he met him before and knew his voice or whatever, that could help. Though Zeruel can't explain how someone's voice is.

He almost became desperate, quickening the pace of his steps, he was panicking inside, though he wouldn't allow Kia or Kouta to see it. There was a figure which emerged from the alleyway, dripping in blood. A vampire? Zeruel wondered, he couldn't make out who it was though it didn't look like the one with white hair from before. The Vampire turned and looked to them.

Zeke wandered out of the alleyway, shaking the access blood of slightly, it was then when 3 auras hit him. He froze for a minute before turning to face the source of the auras, there down the street were Kia, Zeruel and the Angel from before. The one which had busted his jaw. Zeke growled to himself in annoyance, he didn't want to be caught by them so soon, it was obvious that all three of them were Angels, including Zeruel. Why else would that other Angel from before be hanging around them? Zeke guessed that they were probably searching for him, either that or out hunting Vampires.

It was already starting to get light from the sunrise, it could be seen from the east, just between a few of the tall buildings. Zeke didn't want to be caught, not yet anyway so he ran, through the crowds and as fast as possible away from the group. He dashed into alleyway, panting against the wall, though the devious and cold smirk was present on his face. He figured if he got home before then he could change and dispose of the evidence of his bloody clothes. He could just claim to be in a fight which is why his lip was cut.

He arrived in the apartment and quickly stripped off from his bloody clothes, throwing them to the side for now. He stepped into the shower, washing away the blood from his hair and body, it ran down the plug in the red coloured water, eventually the water returned to normal, telling Zeke that he was clean enough. He stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around him and using a smaller one to dry his hair. Walking over to the mirror he took off the towel from his head and smiled at his reflection, his innocent reflection which could never of thought to be that of a Vampire's. His eyes had now changed to normal and the only thing present from the night before was the cut on his lip, which already was starting to heal.

After putting on some clean clothes, he went outside with the pile of blood stained clothes, throwing them into a bin. He scraped the match against the side of the box as it flickered to life, throwing it into the bin and the clothes and other things inside of it going up in flames. Of course there was remains of alcohol inside the bin, it was a public bin and a few people would dump their bottles inside of it. This was good, the alcohol acted as a enhancer for the flames, allowing them to burn everything at a steady pace.

The sun shone down on Zeke's now full-of-life face as he sat on the steps watching the fire burn the evidence of everything which happened last night. He snickered to himself, his head dropping to face the ground before throwing his head back and laughing to the sky.

The bloody figure had run off and Zeruel was half-tempted to go after him, bolting forward a few steps but then came to a halt. Sighing out of aggravation, now wasn't the time to go Vampire hunting, there were much more important things at steak. The sun was beginning to rise, which marked the dawn of a new day. "The dawn is supposed to bring hope..." Zeruel said to himself as he looked at the already lightning sky. The harsh blue shadow disappeared from around his eyes as the transformation back to being human occurred, though it was never as painful as the one he experienced at sunset. In fact it didn't hurt at all, if anything, it was a relief.