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located in District Alpha, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

District Alpha

The wealthiest district in Revelation.


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Keeping up a brisk pace, Eos arrived at the Taylor Estate in less time than he thought the trek would have taken. Maybe it was the thought that his friends could be in danger that spurred him on. It was then the Eos almost stumbled, retracing his mental track. He thought of these people as friends. Then, as the assassin neared the gates to Caelin's manor, he shrugged. It's a good thing. Stop dwelling on it like a character in some badly written drama. Hmm...I should really check out the theatre. Haven't seen a good play in ages. Ah! Wait, job, focus!

Upon knocking on the door Eos readied himself to begin scaling the wall for entry or to pounce at whomever opened the door. Suprisingly, one of the senior servants answered and promptly ushered him in. The house was disturbingly orderly for one that had been subjected to an assassination attempt...had there been any at all? Was the information wrong? No. Eos shook his head and followed the servant to where he said his lord was. The Guild's information was rarely ever wrong, and definetly not with something as trivial as knowing whether or not someone had been attacked or not. Still...there was a laxity in the air that was unnerving.

As Eos was ushered into the room holding both Caelin and Loki, he passed Carlisle. With a quiet announcement of his arrival the servant excused himself. His gaze moved from the corpses which were being covered for disposal, to the princess, then Taylor and back to the corpses. Eos opened his mouth to speak, glanced at Loki, and closed it again. The assassin shifted uncomfortably looking for the right words to say. Finally, he scratched the back of his head and stared at the floor just in front of the princess's feet. "I am sorry. I should have gotten here sooner, I might have been able to..." he noted the pink tinge marring the perfect alabaster skin of Loki's arm recede. "Magic? So, you are unhurt?"

His stance suddenly changed to one of a whipped dog to that of a a man relieved. It might as well have been his arm that was saved just now. With a quick wave and shallow bow to Caelin, he smirked and steepled his fingers behind his head. "Looks like my assistance was not required, lady Blackwood, lord Taylor. But...why only send two if a pair of fluffy nobles could bring them down without any trouble?" Eos patiently awaited a response, sticking out his tongue to diplay the silver stud on it and trying vainly to touch his nose.