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located in Murder Therapy Asylum, a part of Murder Therapy, one of the many universes on RPG.

Murder Therapy Asylum



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Erin sat silently listening to the wailing of the truck. The stupid transport that would take her to a nightmare but weren't nightmares fun anyways? You had to beat up bad monsters and often run away from police. She shifted in her seat for the fifth time trying to pull her body inwards enough so that she wouldn't be touching the kids next to her. She didn't know them who knew what kinda filth they carried. Filth of the body or mind, it didn't matter, she wanted none of it.

Soon enough a door opened flooding the car with daylight and a tough officer. She rolled her eyes obviously unaffected by any act the policeman put on. She kinda wanted him to try and shoot her so she could have a reason to hurt him but these cuffs stopped her from moving her hands although they could be used as a weapon. She glanced down at the cuffs noticing the red marks on her skin from where they had rubbed her skin raw. Giving a small sound of annoyance she stood up slowly and turned her eyes on the officer, smirking deviously.

"Your panties must be in a twist today because I don't think any of us are going to hurt you. It's not like I can do anything truly harmful while handcuffed. I'm just an innocent little girl but maybe you enjoy pointing guns at cute children. Turns you on I bet. Your such a Pervert but I bet your buddies are the same way." She sang tauntingly while laughing under her breath. She didn't bother to stand in line but rather turned towards the facility examining the darned place that would be so called 'Making her all better'. She scoffed at the idea. They could try but it would take a hell of a lot to keep her from making trouble.

She spotted two men coming outside and paled. This wasn't a place for rehabilitation, it was a hellhole for the innocent. She almost swooned but remained calm in the face of definite danger. Who knew, maybe she could rid of the pests here too. After all it wasn't the first time she had done pest control for more than a few nasty women. Her usual menacing smirk returned as she watched them approach. Yes, come closer so I can see who you are. Better to know what your up against. She thought before speaking again in her taunting voice but rather adding amusement this time. "Well. Well. If it isn't the rainbow squad up to help officer pervert here manhandle the kids. This is getting more and more interesting." She looked over her shoulder at the officer in question. "Do you like letting them play too? You guys must certainly have some great days, huh?" Her baby blue eyes danced with mischievous mirth as she moved to keep out of the way of the males.