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located in Norr, a part of The Gift: Chapter Two, one of the many universes on RPG.




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After awhile, Kisikoni gave up trying to get Faera to start stuttering in embarrassment. He waved his hand. "Nevermind." He said as Talae stepped in. A quick, dry comment about his morning and Kisikoni gave a slight grimace. Hangovers were never fun. He could remember the party, but everything aside from Talae mentioning she had a hangover cure (miraculously), it was mostly just a blur. From the time he had left the building to the time he woke up, he had suffered many bruises and his clothes were wet beyond belief.

"Good morning Talae. Say, you wouldn't happen to know why my clothes were soaked and I was bruised all over, would you?" He asked. He rubbed his head- the alcohol was starting to affect his memory now too. He had been indulging in many drinking binges since his inductment into the army 10 years ago, and though he was used to it, he had developed a slight dependence on the stuff to wash away stress. In the caves, they would often do meditation near confirmed chambers of methane- the howling from the rocky walls would soothe and clear the mind. With no time nor large chambers of methane, he was forced to find something else.

He didn't really need a response, some part of him didn't really want to know. So when Talae had left to start packing things again, he didn't pursue her for an answer to his question. "Thank you for the elixir. It worked many wonders." He said instead, before falling into an awkward silence. He had long since packed his things- the supplies were tightened and on his back as of now.

More rain. It never seemed to let up. The brief respites were nice, but he really preferred invading the city rather than attacking blindly in the rain. He shivered slightly- the caves were never, ever this cold. He hated the cold. It was only later when Kisikoni was desperately chafing his arms to produce heat that Wrath spoke- devoid of all empathy. He still wasn't sure what was causing these changes in mood- before he seemed a little more stressed and easy-going. Now he was cold, driven, and calm. And he was physically stronger. He remembered that the man claimed to fight with spellsong- now he was using the Twin Hooks, weapons made famous by the Wind General Fong in the old Civie Primah War.

Yes, he could see well, despite the infernal weather. Years of trained eyes sweeping the dark caves for even the slightest of faults to ensure safety testified to it. He drew his blades, and to the deep human's surprise the commander drew out vials. Described as Snakesglove, Kisikoni did not recognize the name. He took a vial, examining the color and weight. It looked like the poisons a rivaling tribe used. He only hoped that it was just as instantaneous and lethal in it's effects.

He tipped the edges of his butterfly swords with the poison, taking care not to cut himself of accidentally swallow some of the poison. It was strangely adhesive and resisted to rain as the commander said. He replaced the stopper on the excess poison and readied his blades. Talae gave him a nudge, and confirmed his readiness. Kisikoni smiled, at her. "Right behind you." He said, waiting for her to take off. She tapped the armor, something Kisikoni hastily did himself. He forgot that the armor had special physical abilities. He zipped off after her, not as graceful or as quiet as she was. Darting off toward the right, he cleaned up what Talae wrecked, jabbing rather large wounds into startled enemies compared to Talae's dagger wounds. His blades were a lot wider and thicker than Talae's weaponry, so the swords themselves probably dealt some serious damage, about as much as the poison itself. He confirmed the quick-acting effects of the poison, but did not know whether they would kill as quickly. He decided that Wrath's judgement in poisons was as good as any, proceeding right behind his dark elf partner.

He arrived to see her struggling with a child, and Kisikoni decided to butt in before opponents for himself showed up. He sunk the drier blade into the child's back in one fluid motion, kicking away and giving a slight nod to Talae before the sounds of scuffling began to rouse others. "Work quickly." He signaled, giving the hand-motion for 'speed'. He quickly disappeared from that spot, tearing through a tent and jabbing everyone in it. He then broke through another, and once he was out, the hand on his leg slackened and came loose. He broke the vial, applying the last of the poison to his left blade- as that was all that was left to coat his swords. Besides, then the right one could be used for trading blows without wasting the poison.

Fireballs began flying now, as Kisikoni dodged one that was aimed for him. He knew first-hand how painful the burns were despite how cleanly the armor healed it. If he were to be hit by a fireball, he would probably curl up and leave himself as a easy target for a child. He parried a slightly sluggish child, still getting into the rhythm of fighting and quickly jabbed him in the side. He raised his blades, looking around wildly for Talae.

Nihalistrix the Black's Castle

She wanted to complain. Here she was, being rescued and they still weren't done fighting. Obviously not very professional if you find a way in but don't have a plan to get out. She almost raised this on various occasions, all of them within five seconds of each other, but beggars can't be choosers. She bared her fangs in a deceptive, sweet smile at the attackers. It did little to phase them. She had hung back, leaving her saviors to inadvertently take on most of the fighting. She was rather exhausted from the fight, and artificial energy just didn't feel right to her. Nevertheless, they still managed to find a way to break through and attempt to engage her.

She regarded the two attackers with all eight of her voluminous red eyes, and began swinging her large Meteor hammer to gain momentum. One brandished a saber- strong and something Mercy should keep her eye on if she didn't want to lose her Hammers this early. The other wielded a halberd. She dodged the initial jab of the Halberd, lashing out with her legs instead of the swinging metal ball. The saber flashed wickedly, but her armored legs more-or-less deflected the blow. It hurt, but the saber didn't penetrate more than a few centimeters through. The two attackers stumbled back, and Mercy used a large sweeping motion, wraping the rope around one's legs and watching the weighted ball smash the kneecap. The man couldn't maintain a good stance with his halberd, and fell, clutching at his shattered knee while Mercy pulled the weapon back. The saber flashed again, slicing in a overhand cut. Mercy darted to the side, onto the walls and brought the swinging weight over and around. The ball crushed the child's hand, sending the saber clanging to the floor. Mercy then leapt, falling onto the child which nearly managed to launch a ball of fire at her. She quickly crushed his face by stomping once, then brought the Meteor hammer in another overhand swing, crushing the other child's skull as he struggled to get up. She smiled sweetly, taking a globule of meat and crunching on it. Still spicy as ever- enchanted by the flames of the Dragons.

She then turned her attention to her allies, which had formed a wall of combat. To prevent the castle defenders from breaking and surrounding, she plugged the hole herself. She had a hard time swinging the meteor hammers in such a cramped space, so she decided to cut the momentum and used a shorter reach- the ball humming in little lethal circles. Bones cracked and broke under her weight, and she had to fight a very defensive battle with only a shirt to cover her frail torso area.