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located in Murder Therapy Asylum, a part of Murder Therapy, one of the many universes on RPG.

Murder Therapy Asylum



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Austin's face remained an expressionless canvas of rough stone, his gun trained at the ground; his steady hands ready to instantaneously raise the weapon at any given moment. He made no response whatsover to Erin's provoking insults, his careful eyes flickering between the teens with watchful caution. He wasn't about to take a chance with six murderers...he'd been a detective long enough to know that cops who take unnecessary risks die relatively quickly.

And yet...behind his mirroring sunglasses...a faint uncertainty was evident in the deep brown of his pupils. What struck the seasoned officer was not the crimes committed by the unsavory lot before him; but their ages. He wondered if a single one of them was above the age of eighteen. Sure, Austin had dealt with adolescent convicts before...but teenage murderers? Not to mention that there were SIX of them. It just didn't make sense.

After all, youth was supposed to be...well...young. Lively, innocent, free-spirited...not killers. Police officers were supposed to protect children such as these; not deliver them, handcuffed, to an asylum. Austin couldn't help but wonder what dark powers drove these teenagers to such violent sins; and if they could truly be helped in a place such as this. For the sake of his own morality, he hoped so.

But his momentary lapse in resolve was quickly dismissed as the weight of his responsibilities took hold of him once more. They were criminals. Killers. Bad guys. Whether or not they could be saved was irrelevant at this moment. Right now the detective just had to focus on getting them inside the asylum and locked away in their rooms.

"Take it easy, kid," Austin said to Travis. Whoever this kid was, he certainly didn't seem like the murdering type. Neither did Hildezart or Abbey for that matter. The teenagers looked as if they were on the verge of tears. Some of them were flat out crying. So what was it they were feeling? Guilt? Remorse? Perhaps there were some ethics in these kids yet. That, or they were just scared shitless of going inside the menacing asylum before them. Erin and Ivory didn't seem converned in the least bit.

"Isaac!" Austin called out to the doctor as he approached, glancing at the unknown colleague at his side. Who was THIS guy? "Looks like I've got some more patients for you. Straight from the court houses."