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located in New York, a part of Children Of Heaven and Hell, one of the many universes on RPG.

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"It'll be okay, I promise Kia..."

She blushed and squeezed his hands in his even though he was doubting it she could see he wasn't going to push it which was what she needed in a friend right now. Damn I said no friends Kia... No... friends... what did you misunderstand girl? It was first Eddie and now this lot. It felt wrong to be friends with people but at the same time she was having fun. Kouta apologized but she just glared at him then shrugged. "Well. You lost. I didn't want to follow by your rules so I didn't get used to it Kouta... It's not gonna change" She winked and continued to walk slipping her hand back into Zeruels and looking around one of her fingers in her mouth she made a popping noise and giggled. "Sorry ... I just had to do that." Kia was trying very hard to lighten everyones mood and let her head turn back to Kouta. "I will buy you a blanket though" Her smile didn't faulter at all even though the crowds were too much she clung closer to Zeruel and pulled Kouta closer. "Now what guys?"