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located in The Skycity of Revelation, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Skycity of Revelation



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Taylor Estate

The nobleman hadn't considered that. True, if they were professional killers, they would have had the mage engage himself first- while the combat-oriented man kept the princess occupied. However, they weren't expecting the princess. Perhaps they lost their nerve- after all the Princess had a very frightening death stare. He did not voice this, and did not notice the piece of paper being slipped into her pocket as she examined the body. He was busy examining the other. He took a cloth from the table, and wiped down the blade of his Epieu. The short spear was quickly examined, and he sheathed it back into his belt. He stood up just as Eos entered the room, dressed in gray as always.

Eos had been introduced to him soon after the mass assassination attempt back then. At first, Taylor in his decrepit state had thought the man would consider him a liability. However, appearances was not as they seemed. Eventually, he began to trust him, as he seemed to have the lingering scent of street and alcohol about him. That in itself, isn't bad, but paired with the fact that he was an assassin, worried him. That is, until he got to know him.

He didn't doubt that he came with all due haste, but Taylor wished that he would have arrived sooner. He quickly placed his right hand over his heart and bowed to the senior assassin respectfully before waving his hand at Loki- allowing her to explain the situation. She seemed to come across some sort of conclusion, though Taylor was not too sure what.

He thought about it. She had claimed that this was the work of an amateur- one that had no idea what they were dealing with. It made sense, when he thought about it from her perspective. But if it was the work of an amateur, it could not possibly have been from their main enemy- one who had been coordinating assassination attempts during the past year. The use of mages reinforced that. So far, he had only dealt with assassins trained only with the sword or bow- nothing even remotely similar to the fire-slinging mage and healer partner. Does this mean there is some sort of third-party against him?

He didn't know. He had little information on the Magic Academy, and he was more preoccupied with ensuring the safety of his own estate, staff, and more importantly- Siri. "Care to elaborate, Loki?" He asked tentatively. If she had information on the third-party that was after his life, he had to prepare appropriate counter-measures for that as well.

Assassin's Guild

Etzel gave the smith a slight grin under the mask as he gave a booming laugh. The Master Smith gave his own greetings, and asked what Etzel had wanted. Etzel merely raised his hands. "Nothing much, I was wondering if you still have the iron syringe casts- I need two more produced, as well as two fighting daggers to be produced. This is low-priority, of course. I will pay your full price- no need to lose sales because you want to maintain good relations with me, Grand Smith." He said.

He slowly cocked his head at Forgefire's offer. Victoria looked like she was about to jump from chair, looking up at her master's mask with wide eyes. She definitely wanted to do so. Etzel cupped his chin in one hand, and thought about the offer silently. It certainly was an intriguing offer- an transfer of his student to become a impromptu doctor of the forge.

She would certainly gain experience from that transfer- dealing with real-life situations such as burns, cuts, and broken bones. Smithies were never short on injuries, despite all the care they take into forging and keeping the area safe. Just as well, working as a medic in Forgefire Smiths would most-definitely give her some good weight when the physician guild considers her resume. Not that being his apprentice was leverage enough. This would probably make Forgefire happier, and Victoria was more than willing. If she had not been willing, he would have refused. After all, what use is there for a unmotivated physician that did not like his/her surroundings?

However, this would expose the smithy to danger. Though Gabriel surrounded and associated himself with the Assassins, Victoria was still a target on the Assassin's hitlist. Unless they took great care to try and confront her in the dead of night, the blacksmiths and apprentices and servants were in grave danger. He debated hotly within him, the exchange of thoughts taking around three seconds before he answered.

"Interesting proposition. My apprentice will join you for as long as you need." He said softly. He certainly would miss having an extra set of eyes, but he managed well enough on his own. After all, there were periods where he scared off his apprentices and had to run the shop on his own- sometimes for months on end. Victoria silently cheered, trying desperately to maintain her slightly impassive face. Etzel wasn't quite sure he had made the best choice, but it would divert the assailant's resources to split up and spread out his targets. And most likely, Victoria wasn't too high on their hitlist (in his opinion) so she would have the least amount of priority taken to her.

"A-all right, master." She said, containing her joy. She was extremely excited to be working with the great master smith, but leaving behind her Master, even for a minute left a certain emptiness in her heart. With her parents dead, Etzel had become her psuedo-guardian. While he may not see or treat her as family, she saw inadvertently saw him as a father figure. Probably why she began picking up his habits and mentality. "When do I go?"