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located in Tokyo Disneyland, a part of Gantz: Phase One, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tokyo Disneyland

A child's playground.


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Mitsuko felt herself moving forward. Her body jostling with every bump, the sounds of explosions and screams could be heard from a distance. Her eyes fluttered open to darkness and an enormous creature that was carrying her in its arm like a piece of meet. She silently observed her surroundings and all she could see were the white eyes of other enormous creatures marching alongside her. Mitsuko didn't dare to gulp. She was still alive, she was thankful for that so she wasn't going to jeopardize it in any way.

What Mitsuko wanted to know was why she was still alive. She decided finding the answer was futile, so she came up with a plan to escape the first chance she got. There was a small chance it would work, but it was better than nothing. At least she thought so.