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located in District Alpha, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

District Alpha

The wealthiest district in Revelation.


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The Gilgamesh Estate

Trust? Seth wasn't sure that was the right word for it, but if she wanted to think of it that way, he certainly wasn't going to stop her. The thing about Imogene was, she was still fundamentally a good person, for the most part powerless in the grand scheme of his father's design and thus tainted by it much less than he himself was. He nodded in response but did not say anything. The urge to divest himself further of the things he was not supposed to know or care about was a bit too great, and thus he could not trust himself to speak.

That word again. It was funny; he'd grown up without much of a concept of what it even was. He knew what it represented of course, but members of the House of Gilgamesh did not trust. They held in confidence and apparently they also held hostage, but they never said anything without material assurance that it would not be misused. Trust was far too intangible a currency for those purposes, now wasn't it?

It was really rather sad, that he still felt enough filial loyalty to not immediately take what he knew to someone who may be more at liberty to act than he. Well, it might be loyalty. It might also be fear. Had he incriminated himself too much already with knowing what he did and holding his piece for this much time? Perhaps, perhaps not. Either way, he didn't really want to find out. Hmm... he'd have to add "cowardice" to the list of his traits, and maybe "self-awareness" also.

Imogene spoke of her plans for the day, and he nodded along politely. If he'd thought about it a bit more, he would have found her answer a bit odd, as she had never been the overly vain sort. Certainly, there were appearances to be kept up, but there was also such a thing as too many gowns, and on reflection, he would have known she knew that. As it was, he was a tad too absorbed in his own thoughts for it to register properly, and so he gave his excuses a few minutes later and bade her good-day.

The Assassins' Guild

Amon moved his eyes from the mage he knew to the one he didn't, and he regarded the younger man with something approaching concern. ranted, his profession had hardened his edges considerably, and he wasn't really capable of true pity or even empathy (for what use was empathy to a man who killed to make his living?), but he did not make a habit of wishing misfortune on strangers, and he knew very well that what came next would be more difficult that what had gone before.

"Professor Windsor, was it?" Pandora had called him that. Amon supposed that he must be a teacher at the Facility, to earn such a title. "In answer to your queries, I can tell you that I will be sending a recovery team comprised of my own assassins to... deal with the mercenaries. If we can take them alive, we will. If not..." he let the rest of the sentence hang in the air, perhaps a tad more ominously than he would have liked for the young woman's sake, but surely she understood the necessity of his position by now.

"However, we do not know if these particular mercenaries were alone, or if there were others with them. For that reason, I am going to ask you for a list of relatives and close friends. If by chance, word reaches whomever sent these people after Pandora that you were present and assisted her, there is always a chance that retaliation would be close at hand, if for no other reason than to damage us or demoralize her. It is not a great chance, but it is there, and I would very much like to know who these people are so that I might send people to look after them for a while, or move them to a secure location, just until we can confirm that those two were the only ones sent." Be that by interrogation or something close but worse. He'd have to insist that at least one was taken alive, now that he thought about it more closely.

"For now, I must insist that both of you rest as much as you are able. Pandora knows which areas of the Guild are public and which are not, so you may wish to follow her. Otherwise, you have only to ask anyone in a uniform."

The Taylor Estate

At the request for clarification, Loki shook her head. "My apologies, Caelin; I don't have much in the way of specifics. Only... last time I visited Delta, things seemed different. As though... perhaps it was nothing, but I have heard some rumors of a faction of discontents forming there. They say a mage leads it, but I don't have anything else. I was actually going to visit Amon to see what he knew, or maybe if he could put someone on it-" and here she glanced in Eos's direction- "but I admit I did not think it extremely pressing, all things considered."

Mage attackers from such a faction would make sense, but surely such an effort would be horrendously-funded? how then would they gain the resources to even be able to set foot in Alpha without drawing immediate negative attention? And why would they target Caelin Taylor of all people? That was really the rub here, wasn't it? It was always possible that they simply did not bother differentiating one person from another, or thought to kill him because he'd been dosed with the Cure, but-

"We need more information. I'm going to see Amon." Her tone suggested that this was happening now. "I don't know how much help any of this is to you yet," she told her fellow aristocrat, "but be careful. While I'm down there, I'll find Pandora. She should be able to cast some wards for extra security, I think. Unless you want to come yourself?" She imagined he'd probably be busy trying to deal with the aftermath of all this. Were it any other situation, the City Guard would have been called already and there would be fifteen miles of red tape, but as it was, she'd learned not to report the attacks and deal with them herself. She'd gathered that the others were much the same.

Eos's report did not say much she had not already been expecting, and so she did not comment on it, instead gesturing for him to follow. He probably had to tell Amon the same thing anyway, and much as she did not care to admit it, the fact that she was going to Gamma without her usual disguise was bound to place a large target on her back that she really didn't want to deal with at the moment.