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located in Earth, a part of One More Chance, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Although it was painful for the young man to stand straight, he looked intently at the woman who gave a detailed explanation regarding the contraption on which he was now trying to keep balance. He’d seen things to be much simpler than that, thus he found a single fault in her logic: Ms. Penclave took into consideration only the physical laws, disregarding the ones who stood higher than everything else.
Vasile felt her eagerness to prove her independent and logical way of thinking, but that kind of eagerness could easily turn into pride. And pride had its own kind of stench; Vasile knew it all too well. Yet he wasn’t here to judge, he was here to encourage one’s free will.

Before he could say anything about his own plan for the device, Lady Renoldi entered the room coming from the other side. This surprised him, least to say, but more surprisingly than anything was seeing Lord Byron and the others there shortly after.

The missionary was now standing in the middle of the two groups, listening to their argument. He felt the tension in the air, the clash of egos and their feelings of anger. It was strange how the place seemed to amplify his own senses, both physical and spiritual. He felt everyone’s negative feelings like throwing knives aimed at one another passing through him, especially coming from lord Byron.
His own wound, caused by a nail, didn’t show any sign of closing up and Vasile was afraid of not getting tetanus. He had to get out as soon as possible, not only from the basement, but also away from the conflict. As they were talking, he slowly closed his eyes and everything around him faded. It was silence; he was alone with his thoughts. The light of the torches engulfed him as he felt his being rising from the ground. He looked down at his own body and at the others. It wasn’t the first time when Vasile used an outer-body experience to heal his wounds and calm the people around him. He took a good look at the guests, trying to figure out what was causing such an unholy behavior. Lord Byron had a creature wrapped around his hands and legs who was spitting smoke and whispering in his ear: “Look, look at her. She’s to blame. Look at the other one, you must surely hate him by now. Your own sloth stops you from saving yourself, sloth, sloth ..” the vile creature kept repeating Byron’s sin.
He looked over to Clarice, she had her own demon surrounded by snakes, a kind of demon with which Vasile dealt before: the succubus. The demon amplified her lust and her hunger. Saints and priests advised against gluttony because if often led to lechery. The ancient demon circled the woman in voluptuous movements, winking at him. Vasile made the sign of the cross, frightening the succubus who whispered unknown words to the young woman.

The one who worried him the most was Alayna. He’d seen her to be sad and lonely somehow just like the creature around her who feared the light and who fed on her belly, ripping energy from within. The creature looked old and crippled and it smiled to him. It was the kind of smile that would make others lose their minds with fear. Everything happened fast and Vasile knew there was a reason for why he had to see all of it. He also knew that time was not on his side.
Helmut had two little demons beside him. They were playful and mischievous, pulling the chains that held his body. They were greedy and immature and they filled Helmut’s heart with venomous ideas about possession.

Vasile felt that something was amiss. In fact, a person was missing. He couldn’t see Maximilian with the others, it was as if he left for a while, although he had to be there, he felt his presence. Heavy, dark clouds of smoke started to rise from everyone in the room except Adelia. He knew it was time to leave before the spirits got even more violent.
“In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, I command you to cease! Amen” His own voice was like thunder and from the top of his head, light started to pour in and turn itself into arrows that pierced the heavy clouds and the creatures surrounding the guests, driving them back from where they came from.

Nobody had seen all of these, only for a second everyone could see a cross made of light on his forehead that quickly faded away. He called on to them with compassion and love in his voice:
“Remember human that you are bound by sin, with lies, with clamor, with weakness and sin is like a terrible beast chained to your soul. Oh sinful soul of mine, is this what you wished for?”
Nobody heard his voice, nor seen his actions and Vasile returned to his body feeling more powerful than ever.

The other woman, the strange one that arrived late at breakfast gave the explanations everyone was looking for. Well, not quite the proper explanations, her words only brought anger and disappointment. He was quite shocked to hear Lady Mayfair backing up Emma’s unbelievable explanation with apologies. No doubt about it, this was the truth: they’ve been put to a test and Vasile himself knew for what purpose. “Now it begins, the battle for your souls. Nothing is yet lost.” he whispered softly and his words got lost in the darkness beneath his feet. Everything had been revealed to him, the reason for their gathering.

I shall go first after we secure the contraption, but I still need Sir Vasile in the center to help me cross it. Is that alright with you, Sir Vasile? Lady Mayfair’s words echoed in his ears.

"Trust me, I am just as enraged as most of you all are, but for now, let us push aside our differences and feelings to simply escape this dank dungeon of sorts?" Vasile couldn’t agree more with Clarice’s words.
“Of course, Lady Mayfair, I’ll help all of you to get on the other side and then I’ll follow you shortly. Be careful because it is quite slippery, but Miss Penclave’s plan is safe and with me here to hold each of you nothing can go wrong.”
Lord Byron said nothing more and done his part perfectly, securing the contraption with Helmut. He was silent, but inside of him anger stirred like hot lava waiting to come out.