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located in Tokyo Disneyland, a part of Gantz: Phase One, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tokyo Disneyland

A child's playground.


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The Mother limped towards the group humans, making clicking noises. She would have to be careful of the humans that resembled the one she'd just slaughtered. The pain of her two missing legs was immense and continued to spray blood. On her spider legs, she was now unbalanced and much slower. She would have to use her human legs. Her rage was unfathomable. Thats why she wanted to tear the humans apart all on her own. Which would be first?

Her question was answered by a clunk of earth hitting her on the head. A wimpy human bellowed something she didn't understand, but she could taste the strong scent of fear emanating from him mixed with the scent of her children's blood. Target acquired. She headed after the boy in a full sprint hopping into the air preparing to crush him under her.