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located in The Palace of Cantarella, a part of Cantarella: The Match, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Palace of Cantarella



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Rainier Caligula de Alicante

Yet again, for probably the third or fourth time just that day, Rain thanked his parents for their weird crossbreeding. True, it made no sense for Ice to come from Water and Darkness, but he wasn't objecting. Not when a thin sheen of ice separated his face from the abhorrent three-quarters mask that disfigured it. Though his real problem with the piece was that it itched. Significantly. The rough texture on the bottom of the elaborate mask bothered the young prince almost as much as the realization that he was to be randomly married did. True, not that he'd ever independently get married, and she'd just be a vessel for his children, but still... Irksome.

Without much feeling in his eyes, cold and blue as they were, Rainier stared out the upper window at the brightly colored influx of guests, fluffing their feathers and decorations and primly adjusting masks, spurts of gay laughter and high pitched indignation soaring high, like a menagerie. A fast-moving shape caught Rain's eye, and he focused on it just in time to see a little girl break from her parents, rushing through the throng to stare around, awestruck. Unbeknownst to even him, a soft smile crept across Rainier's face, though it was swiftly snuffed out with the incursion of a servant into his chambers.

"Your Highness?" The mousy girl at the door spoke quietly, half-afraid of the young man turning around. However, she realized once he'd turned that he had much reduced power to terrify her. Cold gray eyes were ringed with decadent black, the mask covering half of his nose and mouth in addition to his eyes. When she looked closer, she realized that the mask resembled a dragon, spanning the length of the young prince's face. The overall blackness, set off by contours of delicate, icy blue detailing and pretty frost at the edges. If she didn't know how horribly distant he could be, the girl thought she might have fallen for the prince just based on how he looked. Slightly dangerous, regal, but also perhaps a bit soft and certainly handsome. She pitied those poor girls. They didn't know what they were getting into. "Your Highness, you've been requested downstairs. The party's starting."

"Oh." He nodded. "Thank you."

For some reason, the young woman blushed as she left his room. Rain gave the area a perfunctory glance. He could see nothing that should have so embarrassed her. Perhaps she had fallen ill. Well, so long as that did not affect her standard of work, and she didn't infect anyone else, that didn't concern him. Rainier slipped on his gloves, making sure that they came high enough to cover his scar. As the palace staff had chosen to give him a slightly draconian look for the occasion, there were no sleeves on his shirt, and the young prince had no desire to be questioned about "those horrible marks". Odd enough to show sections of his chest. Slightly... risque, even. But as a regent, he could get away with that.

At least there was one benefit to disguise. As Rainier descended the stairs, no one stared, not a single person accosted him with unctuous flattery. Sure, he attracted glances, interest - it would have been odd if he didn't. But no shocked adulation. Apparently there were people from every land in this place, so without a mask, some of his own surely might have recognized him. Even after an almost decade-long stint in hiding.

In the midst of the chaos, Rain paused. Surely, in a moment, he would have to talk to someone, most probably one of his less scrupulous, or at least less reserved, fellow princes, but until that moment, the highness was content to stand in the middle of the throng, watching the vain birds parade.