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located in The Palace of Cantarella, a part of Cantarella: The Match, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Palace of Cantarella



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Halo (last name forgotten)

'I'm almost there. C'mon... I can do this!'
This is what Halo thought to himself as he slowly crawled along the thick branch of an oak tree, yellow-green eyes narrowed in concentration as he crept nearer to his target. What an interesting target it was; for at the very tip of the branch sat a brightly colored butterfly, flapping its wings lazily in the sunlight. They looked so fragile, so easy to tear... Halo had never seen something look so precious. This aroused his natural curiosity and, of course, now he just had to touch it.
"I'm almost there." he muttered, raising a hand to his face to brush the hair out of his eyes. Careful not to lose his balance, he placed his hand back on the branch, vision now clear.
Suddenly, a loud cracking noise vibrated in the air, its small echo lingering for just a moment. It was enough to surprise the young prince out of his mind. Eyes widened slightly, a jolt shook his body as he started to lose his balance. "Erm..."
This was now a battle against himself. He teetered ungracefully on the branch, arms waving frantically as he struggled to fight gravity. But alas, if he was somehow able to regain his balance, Halo would simply not be very Halo-like. In what could have seemed like five seconds or five hours, Halo slipped off one side of the branch and plummeted towards the ground.
"Oof!" His head broke his fall. Halo felt the air rush out of his lungs as his torso slammed the ground, landing face-first into the grass and dirt underneath him. For a moment, the prince did not move; his arms were eagle-spread across the ground. After a few seconds, he flipped himself onto his back and stared straight at the sky.
"Hey, what's that on my nose?" Halo said quietly to himself. It tickled. He crossed his eyes in an attempt to examine the object on his face. There sat the insect that he had spent hours hunting; its wings continued to open and close slowly. There it was. Mocking him. Laughing at him. Apparently Halo had lost interest in examining the insect, because he shooed it away. He watched it as it flew into the sky, and continued to do so until it disappeared from sight.
Suddenly, a loud whine penetrated the air. "OWWWW!" Of course, this came from the prince himself. The pain in his head had been bothering him for some time after he fell, but only now did he feel that it was the right time to express himself. "That hurt! That hurt really bad!" Pfft. The man sounded more like a child than a prince.
'Oh yeah, what is it that made me fall off of the branch?' he remembered as he rose to his feet, his left hand rubbing the back of his head. It was throbbing; just barely, but it was throbbing all the same. Without hesitating he turned around and examined the forest around him, looking for the source of his fall. It was the same as usual; lush, and very green. Green was such a great color. It represented growth and life; and that is why it was his favorite.
"Halo, you're late!"
A scolding voice attracted Halo's attention. The white-haired prince turned to face it, and smiled happily at its source. There, standing on the road that led back to the castle, was Kazuhiko. "Kazu!" Halo said happily, his face lighting up like one of a five year old boy with an ice cream cone. "It's been forever, Kazu. How are you doing today?"
Kazuhiko, or "Kazu", was one of the soldiers assigned with the job of protecting Halo at all times. He also happened to be one of the prince's closest friends. They had known each other since they were little. Back then they were able to play and mess around all the time, but now that they were older they both had their jobs to do. There was simply no time to sit around and have fun. Halo failed to understand that, but Kazuhiko was not so blind.
Kazu brushed the hair out of his eyes, a look of exasperation and frustration on his face. "Halo, you're late for the ball. Everyone else has already arrived... You aren't even ready yet. If you don't look nice tonight, I'm never going to hear the end of it."
"Wait... what ball?" Halo raised an eyebrow, confusion flooding his innocent green eyes. After a few seconds of pondering this, he remembered. "Oh yeah, that ball. That's today?" A sheepish expression found its way onto his face. "But... But I don't want to go..."
It was clear that Kazu was restraining himself from rolling his eyes, and it took some effort. Halo would always and forever be Halo. "You don't have a choice. Now come on, you're late enough as it is. I'm going to get yelled at because of you; It's my job to make sure that you do what you're supposed to, remember?"
Halo grinned, his pearly white teeth seeming to light up his whole face. "Awh, come on Kazu, you're as bad as my mother. I'll go get ready, if that's what you really want." That was just an expression, of course. Halo's mother was long gone.


In about another forty-five minutes, Halo was ready. It probably would have gone by faster if he had not fought his maidservants the entire time about his appearance. He probably looked nicer than he had in his entire life. His body was covered with a silky black tux, the cuffs folded neatly back and his white shirt underneath nicely tucked in. Against his will, the maids had helped him put on a long tie. Honestly, he'd probably rather not wear something like that, but he had been forced to. Halo was hopeless with formal clothing. He wouldn't have been able to put the tie on himself if his dad had hired a private tutor to teach him how to do it. His hair was actually kind of combed; not obsessively so, but it looked nice enough (like it does in the pic).
"Bye." Halo said as his maids walked out of the room. No, he wasn't going to say thank you, because he did not feel thankful. 'Looking nice feels so... suffocating...' Halo thought to himself. Because he did not want to upset anyone at the party, he decided against making some changes to his outfit. However, if the other princes were as much against this as he was, then they would probably do what he wanted to do. If that were the case, he would follow.
"Oh yeah, almost forgot." Halo muttered, serious now. He turned back to the dressing table and looked at a white face mask laying there. "I can't go down without that. People would get angry." he murmured softly, grabbing the mask and putting it over his face.
Without further hesitation, Halo exited his room and walked down the cobblestone stairs, hands carelessly stuffed in his pockets. Of course, he got a few glances as he walked down; some admiring, others curious; some disgusted. Not many would think that Halo was a prince, for he surely did not carry himself like one. But that wasn't really important right now. As long as no one knew who he was, he would be fine. Halo hated it when people treated him nicely just because he was a prince. He wanted to be treated like they would treat him if he were just like everyone else; he wanted people to be honest to him, to not hold back whenever he asked him something. Halo greatly despised the people pleasers.
'This is it.' Halo entered the room, attracting no attention as he merged with the crowd. 'Oh yeah, I'm engaged, aren't I... I wonder who I'm marrying. She should be here right now; I'll probably meet her today.' The other princes would be around, too. Knowing Halo, he probably wouldn't recognize them if he tried. [/color]