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located in The Palace of Cantarella, a part of Cantarella: The Match, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Palace of Cantarella



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Kail Levontes

The lush green and soothing colors of the forest flashed past a young Prince dressed in formal attire as he snapped the reigns of his stallion, urging the animal to push forward faster. The black stallion's hooves rhythmically pounded against the moist earth, making it easier for the Regal looking young man to relax in the saddle. It felt so good to be outside, with the wind blowing through his hair and the sounds of the forest whirling past him as his thoughts wandered back to the other day.

Sounds of metal and wood could be heard cracking against one another, and yelps of excitement and laughter echoed through the courtyard, cheering the name of the young Prince Kail as he was dueling a fellow soldier. Kail grinned widely as his opponent attempted to swipe his feet out from under him with his staff, failing as Kail reacted by leaping into the air, performing a back flip and landing on one hand, swiftly using his own staff to knock the soldier on his back with his free hand. Kail laughed and used both his arms to push himself off the the ground, landing on his feet in front of his friend, offering him his hand.

"Nice try, but you should know that move you tried would just come back to get you." He joked with a slight smirk as he pulled his friend up, patting him on the shoulder.

As he turned to bow to the other guys who were clapping as the match ended, he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see who it was. It was his father, King Rorick. All the Soldiers came to attention, but the King quickly waved them to continue on.

"Ah, Father! You just missed another one of my victories!" Kail said with a smile. "Indeed, but I do think I have seen enough of those to last me a lifetime." His father chuckled, "Come, take a walk with your old man.." He said, steering Kail away from the rowdy soldiers as they continued their training matches. "Yes, of course Father. What's on your mind?" Kail questioned as they walked towards the entrance of the Castle. "Me and your mother have something we need to tell you.." King Rorick continued, glancing at Kail from the corner of his eye "And I am not sure how you're going to handle this kind of news." Rorick said as they neared the throne room.
Kail's eyebrow raised in question, "Er...what do you mean pops? Is someone dead or something? Aww..don't tell me its Aunt Petunia! You know it's not true...that woman is always saying she's dying JUST to get me to come visit her.." Kail mumbled, shivering as he thought about his Aunt's horrible stale cookies she made for him, that he apparently just dies for. "It's a wonder she isn't dead if she eats her own darn cooking.." he scoffed, making his father laugh, although he regained a serious face immediately and paused, turning to face Kail before they entered the Throne room.

"No, Kail, it is not that kind of news. It's good news." He father continued, placing his hands on Kail's shoulders. "Son, you're getting married."

Kail's face froze in shock, his eye twitching as he tried to comprehend the words his father just spoke. "W-w-wait...What....did you say?.....M-Married?...ME?! ARE YOU CRAZY?! I'm too young and handsome to get Married!" He burst out, suddenly throwing the heavy grand doors open, stomping into the Throne room to see his Mother sitting in her thrown, bouncing Kail's little sister Lorna on her lap, both of them laughing.
"Mother! This can't be true! You guys are just trying to mess with me aren't you? You always play pranks on me when it's my Birthday, but this...this is just too much!" He huffed marching up the stairs. His Mother, Queen Lyvian, stopped laughing and stood up, setting Lorna in the Throne behind her, turning to face Kail with narrowed eyes. Kail's scowl immediately dropped and he took a step back when he saw the look on his Mother's face. He had forgotten in his outburst about the Wrath of his young mother. She had a way of turning you to ice with just one glare. He quickly recomposed, and tried to start over in a different approach.

"Er...dear, beautiful mother...don't you think It's just a tad too soon for me to get married??.." he pleaded, his eyebrows scrunching together. His mother took a few steps down the stairs until she reached Kail, taking his face into her hands. "No, I do not think you're too young at all! You're just the right age." She said, her smile coated in sweetness and her eyes becoming starry. "Oh, I remember when I was to marry your father...he was 18, and I 16.. It was perfect. Except for the fact I hated him at first...but oh, that was part of the fun!" She mused and giggled as she thought of the past. "Be sides," She began, tapping Kail's nose with her finger like a child "I am giving you the great gift of a beautiful girl for your 18th birthday, I do think that is quite good present myself. All you have to do in return is provide mummy with little Grandbabies!" she said with a slightly creepy laugh as her face drifted off into though. Kail's father coughed in the background at his Wife's immature ways.

Kail's nose wrinkled as his mother began to chuckle to herself, plotting the future he guessed. He started to open his mouth to say something, but saw his father shake his head, making him sigh. Kail knew, just as his father did, that there was no use arguing with Lyvian. His shoulders slumped slightly as he gave into defeat and sighed again. He stayed standing in the same spot for a moment as his Mother giggled on next to him, her head stuck in the clouds. wouldn't be all that bad, getting married that is. Hopefully it just Sounded awful. Married to a beautiful girl, it couldn't be so bad. It was kind of like...a new challenge! Kail's usual smile re-emerged onto his tanned face and he grinned with this new thinking having entered his mind. Kail had always been one for challenges, and this was possibly the greatest one yet.

"Alright Mother...I accept your Challenge of Marriage!"


Kail resurfaced from his thoughts of the past as lights came into view as his Stallion broke through the edge of the forest. Kail pulled back on the reigns, letting the horse slow down to a slow gallop as they neared the bridge that lead to the Palace, which was jammed with carriages arriving for the Ball. It had been nice to get fresh air before the big night, and it had calmed his nerves, but now he was running a tad late...his mother was going to kill him! He reached into the hidden pocket in his jacket and slipped a black and golden Masquerade mask on as he strode past the carriages on his horse, nodding his head to guests as he passed them. He made it to the front of the Palace shortly, pulling up to the side slightly out of view and hopped off his horse, handing the reigns to a nearby servant. "Please take him to the stables right away, thank you." He flashed a smile, making the girl blush. Kail ran his fingers through his hair as he headed for the stairs, trotting up them with his head held high and a grin on his handsome face.

He got many looks from girls as he entered the breathtaking Palace, as well as men, although the men's looks were a bit disapproving. Perhaps it was because of his attire. Yes, he was wearing regal looking clothing, it was just the little tweaks that may be considered a bit risky. His jacket was black and sleeveless, with a stiff collar and gold trim. The front was short, ending at his hips, the back being split like coat-tails with squared ends and hung at the back of his knees. Under his jacket, he wore a plain white cotton shirt tucked into his pants with a deep V that went to the middle of his chest, strung together loosely by black string that didn't do much about hiding the bare skin beneath. He wore were simple heavy black cotton pants that tucked into his shin high leather boots with golden embroidery on the tips and sides. And to top off his attire he had his usual Red sash that was tied around his waist in a neat knot, the slack leftover hanging down the middle in an almost Egyptian way. Yes, it was quite the statement for a Royal Ball. But Kail did not seem to notice.

Kail strode through the crowd, stopping to say quick hello's to guests and soon made it near the back of the throng, near the main staircase that lead upstairs. He started to make his way up the stairs when something small suddenly clasped around one of his legs. He peered down with a laugh as he saw his 4 year old sister Lorna clinging to his boot, wearing a glittery blue ball gown and a tiara placed on her small head full of long brunette curls.

"Well, hello there pretty lady, where did you come from??" He chucked as he bend down to give her a hug, swooping her into his arms and standing up while holding her, "And how did you recognize me with this ridiculous mask on?" He said, kissing her forehead, then noticed she had no mask. "Where's your mask you little cheater?" He asked, pinching her cheeks in a big brotherly manner. "Too itchy!" Lorna replied, making a sour face. "Ah, I would have to agree with you on that one.." kail replied with a grin as he reached the top of the stairs, setting his sister down. Lorna turned around and hopped over to Lyvian, their mother, and hung onto her dress. Lyvian smirked at her son. "Hmm, so you decided to make it to your engagement party after all, I was beginning to think you may have run away!" She said, dramatically throwing her arm over her face to cover her fake look of despair, "That would have just been too much for your dear mother to handle. It would have hurt me so to have you personally hunted down and drug back here by any force necessary.." she peaked through her fingers to see Kail roll his eyes at her dramatic antics. "You really think I would have run away? Not a chance." Kail's lips peeled back into a grin. He was actually looking forward to tonight, and was interested to see whom he was matched up to be married to.