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located in The Palace of Cantarella, a part of Cantarella: The Match, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Palace of Cantarella



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Aika Mochika Kagamine

Aika fidgeted in her seat as the carriage that would take her to the castle drove along the bumpy road, which was quite uncomfortable for her. Aika was a bit anxious, she had never been to a ball before or had to wear a mask on her face but her mind was more on something else. She was supposed to be getting married to a prince, a prince! Something she never would have thought would occur in her life; the more she thought about it, the more it sounded like a fairy tale or of the sort. Most girls she knows would kill to be in her place, but for some reason she wasn't really feeling the excitement.

Suddenly her hands found their way to her long white ears, she grazed her fingers along the edges and pouted, 'Will I stick out like this?' Sure she had the masquerade mask on and a beautiful dress that seemed to fit the event, but she had long white rabbit ears coming from her head. It was the norm in her village but she was going to a different place where she wasn't even sure there would be others like her. Several times before leaving she had tried to hide them under a hat but it didn't look right with the outfit and they wouldn't stay, they'd just pop out forcefully. Then she figured that if her husband-to-be couldn't deal with her ears, it really wasn't meant to happen.

"Young Miss, we have arrived." In the midst of her thoughts the driver had come around and opened the door to the carriage for her to step out. "Oh, yes..."Aika realized this and hurriedly exited the cart but once she touched the ground she stared up at the palace in awe; she had never seen anything like it in person, only in books. Sure her village was in the neighboring forest of Cantarella, but she had never came anywhere near to see it before today. She watched as others exited their rides and entered the palace, they looked much more like nobility than she, which made her feel a little awkward; realizing she looked quite odd standing there, Aika entered the building also. Once she got inside she was overwhelmed by the scene "So many people..." She whispered to herself, she looked around to see different people of different species; the palace acted as a melting pot for all the different species today and it was exciting to Aika, she clenched her fists and smiled 'Alright, let's make the best of this!'

Seeing as it was quite difficult to just stand in the middle of the floor without some violation of personal space, Aika decided ti would be best if she just stood to the side. The rabbit eared Espero picked up her dress, to avoid tripping, and headed over to the far wall of the palace. After finally getting through the large crowd of people, Aika held her back against the wall and let out a exhausted sigh. At first she thought of trying to find the other four girls to be married today, but it would be a difficult task not knowing where to start looking, so she dismissed the thought.