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located in The Palace of Cantarella, a part of Cantarella: The Match, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Palace of Cantarella



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Pandora Yorik

[center]"Pandora, sit with me."

"Yes, Kaiser Yorik."

"At ease. There is no need for formality right now, son."


"I have something important to speak with you about, and it concerns the future of our country...."

Kaiser Constantine Yorik, Pandora's father, explained to him that he was to be married. The engagement was to take place at a masquerade ball, with several other princes and princess's as well.

"Father, the tradition of our people demands that only the strongest may mate. How am I to know that this woman with be a fit queen for us all?"

His father laughed. "Yes, that's true! That tradition has lasted us for thousands upon thousands of years. However, my son, you are too young to see that the times are changing. Long have we lived fiercely, conquering and taking anything that was near to us. We have become powerful, one of the most powerful countries in the world. However, our time of war and conquer is coming to an end."

"What do you mean to say? Are you saying that we are not powerful enough?"

"Foolish boy. I mean just the opposite. We have grown far too powerful, and if we continue this road then we will all perish."


"You think that's nonsense, do you? Go on, speak your mind, boy. "

".......I do not approve of this marriage. This...woman....has not been tested, nor is she one of our own."

"Very well, then consider it an order from your emperor."

"........Very well, Kaiser Yorik....."

Pandora, like he had done so before for at least a thousand times, thought over the conversation that he had had with his father. What was his father thinking? Was he trying to throw away thier traditions, the way that they had always done things? He stood just outside of the training grounds as he pondered this. Blue, red, and green fire from various war magicks lit the air in the distance like fireworks, even though it was plainly daylight. Watching this, knowing the younger soldiers were training, only made him feel even more dread for what was to come....

"Herr Yorik!"

Pandora was jerked out of his reverie to see his father astride a war horse, smiling down at him.

"There you are! The messengers couldn't find you, so I decided to come look for you myself. You should be ashamed!" Constantine Yorik exclaimed jokingly, scratching at his rather large beard as he did so. "I see you've finally gotten dressed and watnot. Why aren't you on your way to the party? Need a ride?"

"No." There was no way in hell Pandora would take a ride from his father. There had been way too many times that he had almost died....but that story was for another day. Currently, his father was giving him that creepy smile he always did before he sent someone to the torture chambers. "I....wanted to request that I may be authorized to call a hellhound. For....transportation." More like use it to burn down the 'engagement.' "So...I could go...'in style'" Whatever that meant.

His father, for whatever reason, laughed heartily. "Your request is accepted! You are authorized to use your magic as you wish, for the remainder of the evening! Now get going, before I whip you!" His father said the last part jokingly, but for some reason it didn't really feel that way....

Without any further ado, Pandora put his hands together, bowed his head, and closed his eyes. He began to chant roughly, his voice sounding almost like it wasn't his own.

Komm, sage ich dir
Bediensteten der Cerberus
Beachten Sie meinen Anruf
Kreaturen der Hölle
Komm zu mir
Bis entlassung
Ich bin dein Meister

Once finished, Pandora's hellhound clawed itself up and out of the ground, like some kind of dog-zombie. Viktor walked up to it and got on its back, holding on to the spikes for balance.
"Hyah!" The beast rushed forward as Viktor lightly tapped it's sides. He didn't bother yelling back a farewell to his father.
Finally, after hours of riding, Viktor made it to the ball. He rode the hellhound straight up to the main hall, even passing through the front doors with it. He stopped and got off just before the ballroom. His mask, coupled with the sight of the hellhound, made him look creepy and fearsome. That was alright with Pandora. He wasn't planning to make any friends tonight.

Pandora waved his hand in an outward motion, and the hellhound dispered into a harmless red fire and quickly faded away. The pawprints left behind faded away as well, leaving no trace of the beast's existence.