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located in Area 51, a part of A.G.M.S, one of the many universes on RPG.

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The grey elevator doors opened with a hum. Inside was his old friend Lloyd. Erik stepped into the elevator with him giving him the same nod he gives every morning. "Getting an earily start as well i see." Erik kept his hands in his vest pockets. He always wore vest of different colors and patterns. Today it was a brown argyle pattern with matching brown pants and tan button up shirt with a deep dark purple tie... His hair was elegantly disheveled and he had forgot to shave. Erik can sometimes appear to be a very oddly dressed lazy person, who really over dresses, and is a work workaholic... His Job, like Lloyd, is these kids. "Heh, Going down?" Erik sarcastically askes as he puts in his access key, and turns it. Moving them both to the godlike's Floor. When the doors open there is a circle desk covered in monitors featuring the 8 godlikes. Three women set and watched these monitors all day. The monitor table is in the center of this floor.. surrounding the room is 8 doors that lead to 8 different hallways. Each hallway leads to the vault door to the godlikes room.

Llyod begins to head to zeros hall, but Erik stops him. "Hey, Lloyd... Mind if I see him first... Tends to be in a better mood if im the first to visit." Erik was one of the very few that the Godlikes actually liked themselves... And maybe the only one that each and everyone of them all liked. Erik had be around since they were born. He was the one that always listened... He really did listen... But most importantly, he cared.

Erik moves on to Zeros door. He swipes his card unlocking the door and enters the hallway. When he reaches the door he thinks to himself morning zero. The vault door opens and Erik walks into Zeros room, still with his hands in his vest pockets. Erik smiled as he saw Zero lying on the bed pretending to sleep. But before Erik could call him out on it, or pretend and play along, Zero had already read Eriks thoughts and turned to face Erik.
Erik smirked and shook his head. "You know how i feel about that Zero... Lets try and keep this a verbal conversation shall we?" Erik takes a seat in his usual spot and waits for Zero. Erik thinks Like your going to listen to me. he gave Zero a smirk. Zero likes Erik because Erik can be trusted. Eriks mind is always open to Zeros, were as other visitors would chose to take precaution to block Zero, Erik felt like it would be inhumane to block that from him."So Zero.... Hows life?" he said sarcastically as he brought out his pen and note pad.