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Erik was suppose to Go to the meeting room to join the doctor and scientist but instead went straight to the elevator. Erik rode up to the 5 more floors and exited. He went into his office where 8 different packages wrapped in white paper sat scaddered around his room. Each saying "Happy 17th birthday!" with the 8 different names on it. Under that in smaller lettering was writen "Welcome to the family! -Erik"

Erik was only alloud to bring something new to his office twice a year. Aside from the things he brought in from the first day he moved in 17 years ago, nothing in his office had changed other than the two items he got to bring in every other year... It was 8 years, and 6 mouths ago today, that Erik was asked by Lloyd what day should the kids meet, and Erik said when they turned 17. It was 8 years and 8 months ago that Erik decied to bring in a gift for them every chance he got. Two months ago, he finnaly got the last gift.

Erik knew the kids got what every that asked for, but they never got gifts in wrapping paper... And these gifts were from him. They were his things, that he cared alot for. They were things that reminded him of them. And he wanted them to have them. EriK gathered all the gifts and brought them down the elevator. He placed a gift in everyroom on every bed.

Erik left the rooms and joined Meredith in the waiting room. Grabbing a chair next to Meredith he said "Good morning Meredith, you look like your fine." he sat down in the chair looking to the eight doors, and eight chairs infront of them. Without looking to her he also said "Or like Lloyd would say, " Looking beautiful as ever.

A large smile struck across his face as he said no more.