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located in Area 51, a part of A.G.M.S, one of the many universes on RPG.

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As the heavy lifeless doors opened as she was still playing with her water bubbles she got distracted and her heart pounded. The water bubbled popped and she instantly turned around to the door and the light went into her eyes and she somewhat freaked out. ''Oh my! Too fast Avaron! Too fast!'' She flapped her wings around and her arms like she was somewhat spasming then she sighed as she got used to it and she stopped and stepped into the place.

Her heart pounded again and then she instantly placed her hands on her chest. ''Something is is close..'' She said with a soft tone in her voice, it was a warm feeling of completion of herself but she could not explain it, she was the only Avaron in the room..Right?

She then looked up and finally noticed the other poeple who seemed the same age as her and she was confused and she flapped her wings afew times then got the confidence to go and interact with them. Instantly she seemed drawn to a boy with blond hair and a red rose, he had sunglasses on and genrally looked like he dressed smart casual then she thought to herself. Now I want sunglasses.. She then skipped to the group of poeple that surrounded him and smiled at them all.

She waved at them with a friendly smile. ''Hi there, it is a pleasure te meet you all. My name is Avaron, you can called me Ava though. I don't mind. What are your names?'' She asked politly but then got distracted by the boy that stood there as her heart continued to pound as she was next to him then she tapped her chin with her index finger and tilted her head. ''Sir, do I know you? You seem familiar...'' She asked the boy as she flapped her wings in tune with her finger tapping her chin and awaiting a answer.