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located in Area 51, a part of A.G.M.S, one of the many universes on RPG.

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She nodded, following William to the elevators. She glanced around at the others to see who else would be a part of this test. The group was abnormally large. She began to feel claustrophobic, too many people in such a small space-all rushing to get to the testing areas. Why are there so many of us going? she wondered, too terrified to even think of an answer. As she looked around again, she noticed also that it was a "mixed" test. There were the ones like her-the ones called Mutts, but there were also those like Will who were a bit special.

Maia had only been in a few mixed tests before-but it was usually just testing the Advanced against the Mutts. This time she knew would be different. For some reason, 45 combined Mutts and Advanced experiments were all going to the testing area. This was something huge. The scientists were up to something and Maia did not even want to think about it.

As she stood in the elevator, squished next to Will and about ten others, she tapped her fingers nervously against her leg. "What if we die?" she asked, looking up at Will. Her voice was merely a whisper.