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located in The Skycity of Revelation, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Skycity of Revelation



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Pandora was nose-deep in her book (military strategy was really interesting if you conveniently forgot the part where it was designed to maximize the number of people you killed in most cases) when Loki and Eos burst through the front doors. Burst really wasn't the word for it, but there were sparse ways to describe the impact with which the princess's presence tended to hit a person. Who knew; maybe it was only her, but Pan was a bit in awe of the woman. She understood intricacies that left the mage baffled and never lost that air of effortless ease. It was intimidating to say the least.

Of course, right now she didn't look so well, as though (and here Pan's brain finally caught up with her eyes) she had just been in a fight. She looked uninjured, though, and was off in the direction of Amon's office, Eos in tow, shortly afterward, leaving the mage with scant opportunity to say anything. This might not have been so bad- she still didn't know how to talk to nobles. Or most people, for that matter. It never stopped her from trying, though perhaps it should. Shaking her head, Pan lowered her eyes back to the page in front of her.

"Good day, lady Elling." Pandora's eyes widened, and she jumped in surprise, a small sound of alarm accompanying the obvious proximity of the voice. When had-? Oh, right. She was in a building full of assassins. Hardly anybody made that much noise when walking. She quickly contained her alarm and glanced up and smiled upon identification of the person who'd nearly given her heart palpitations.

"Eos? You look... different." It was kind of odd, actually. He was dressed almost like a noble himself, but for some reason, she was having trouble reconciling it. Maybe because she'd known him first as a virtually penniless vagabond, which was a much more normal sight for someone in her position. She wouldn't say it, but she was a bit relieved that he didn't look too natural like that- it meant she wasn't the only one. He mentioned that she didn't look all that well, and the grin faded self-consciously. "Oh, yes, well... I'm just a little worried is all. You know me." Either he knew about the attack on her house or he didn't; she wasn't going to draw attention to it.

Loki exited Amon's office some time later, and requested that she pay a visit to the Taylors at some point and ward the Estate. Pandora agreed immediately, a tad surprised by the slightly-halting manner in which the Princess made her request a bit more personal. The bewilderment blended swiftly into a gentle nod, though, and she didn't ask any unnecessary questions about it. She'd see to it tomorrow, circumstances permitting.

Pandora awoke the following morning to a knock on the door of her bedroom. Or wait... this wasn't her bedroom at all. It took her a second to realize where she was, and another to remember how she'd gotten there, but as of last evening, her grandparents had been hidden away in one of the Guild's safehouses and she given a guest room here. She wouldn't lie and say it wasn't a bit strange to be sleeping in the same hallway as naught but assassins or assassins-in-training, but she wasn't going to complain. The Guild (and the people in it) made her feel safe, and there were precious few occasions when she knew that feeling these days.

It was Amon, and Pandora mumbled a hasty affirmation of her consciousness before muttering a quick sanitation spell and throwing on the first clothes that came to hand. She was out the door in less than five minutes, and followed Amon silently as he rounded up more people, some of whom she knew and a few she didn't.

When the Guildmaster explained the situation, her stomach immediately flopped over, and she was glad she'd had nothing to eat this morning. Several times in the past, she'd been approached by members of this disquiet force of people; most if not all mages living in Delta had. She'd turned down their offers of membership every time on sheer principle: she was friends with some of the people they claimed to hate (though she was smart enough not to say as much), and refused to hurt people as a matter of course. Unlike some people, she took the vows magi were made to recite upon leaving the Facility seriously.

Now, it seemed that she would have to try and convince some very angry people that they really shouldn't use their magic for personal gain or to harm another, as those promises specified. She didn't think she'd have much like, and judging from the composition of this group, Amon didn't either. Like as not, she was supposed to patch as many people as possible up afterwards. As the group of them left the Guild, she wrung her hands apprehensively, wondering just what this might mean for the fragile balance the city currently maintained.

Zade took her duties as sentinel very seriously, and even times like now, when she desperately wanted to be sleeping (yesterday had been eventful enough that she had not been able to return to the palace until late in the evening), she did not move except on those rare occasions when Loki did, or when it was time for a brief break.

As it was, she often occupied herself by reading documents over the Princess's shoulder. Loki didn't seem to mind, but she clearly knew, because every once in a while Zade would make a sarcastic comment about something written, which would usually be met with much the same from her employer. This was probably a good deal more liberty than most bodyguards would be allowed, but then Zade wasn't most bodyguards, largely by virtue of the fact that Loki wasn't most people.

She was reminded of this again with the veiled reference to her dislike of nobility in general, and the young woman grimaced emphatically. "If you think she's going to help you get one over on Gilgamesh, then by all means do it. I certainly don't envy the woman- he's a right bastard." She shrugged and willed the matter to drop. The hate was old; she'd only recently come to relax her prejudice enough to accept that Loki, the Queen, and Taylor weren't bad people, and she honestly still didn't like addressing people formally all that much, but would for the sake of her job.